Food for the Creative Soul

I was reminded today, by a friend who also works in the miniature realm, of the importance of Play.

I have been so caught up in my work recently, that I had actual pangs of jealousy to hear how others were spending their down time. Whether it be enjoying the company of friends, escaping from the day-to-day by taking a trip or the sheer pleasure of enjoying their own collections. – What you and I, as doll collectors, might call “Play Time”.

My friend suggested that we all need this in order to function better. I may seem dense at times,(I prefer to call that focused), but it set the literal light bulb off in my head!  He was right. This releases stress, conjures up good feelings and sets your focus on something a little more light heart-ed.

Now, I love what I do. But this is why it is so easy for Me to get into a  rhythm of seriousness and work and work and work.  You know the old adage  “All work and no play”…

So I decided to take a breather, and not take Myself so seriously –  for today anyway. Below are the results of My “Play Time”.  I am posting just for fun. We all need this food for the soul .

And if in fact you are thinking of releasing a little of your creativeness, you might want to enter Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazines’  Interior Design Contest.  Not only are the prizes spectacular, but it’s an opportunity to decompress, show  your talent and feel good about yourself. You will be judged by true professionals in Interior Design and Architecture !   I encourage you to let your inner designer show !

Deadline approaching fast !  So go here for more details :

AND- Don’t forget to PLAY People !


funafun1fun2fun3fun6 IMG_7239 copy


10 thoughts on “Food for the Creative Soul

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  1. Missy Maryann!!

    These are gorgeous shots!! Even your “relaxed” play-pix are works of art!! 😉😉😍😍 Love your Victoire too!! I’m going to try and enter this contest (if Im allowed, being one of the contributors ?) Talk soon… And WE need a play day soon!!! 🙂 xox Vin

    Sent from my iPad


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