When Walls Matter

As much as I love designing furniture and all the little accessories that make a house a home, it  occurred to Me that the walls these pieces reside in are equally important.

When I create suites of furniture to sell, I am inclined to show them in some sort of dwelling.  This showcases  the purpose of each piece and its necessity in a room.  While furniture is the main ingredient in creating a certain look or style, it is just as  important that the surrounding walls evoke the same sentiment.   Your dwelling and the treasure in it, should play off of one another so that the end result is a complete and beautiful picture.

While I may be working on a less than human (1:6)scale, the principles  for the best advantage and look of a room, remain the same.

In the next two weeks, I will be completing the following 3  “Dream Rooms”. These miniature dwellings are based on some  favorite  interior photos that I have saved over the years.  Yet, each one has My own personal touch.

As this is a rather large undertaking (working on 3 different rooms at the same time) I decided on a different approach to start building.   While it would be normal for me to create a structure and then the furnishings one at a time, I decided to build all 3 structures first and then surprise you all with the furnishings, accessories and the final result once all three are complete.

Walls do matter !  By looking at these 3 empty rooms, you can get a feel for what each room is saying and what each room might look like when it is fully furnished and decorated.

Each of these rooms will be for sale once completed.  Stay tuned to see the end results !


Dream Room #1






Dream Room #2






Dream Room # 3

b1 copy

b2 copy

b3 copy

b4 copy


Email : welcomehome@maryannroy.com





12 thoughts on “When Walls Matter

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  1. What a great idea Maryann!! I am so curious to see how the rooms turn out, and what you put in each one. Plus it’d be a lot of fun to see the whole creative process.

  2. Oh, I absolutely love them ALL! But the second one has a strong Japanese feel to it (not intentionally trying to influence ‘The Master’ in any way *hint hint*) so it immediately stole my heart. :}

  3. Wow Maryann, I can hardly wait to see the end result. They will all be beautiful, I’m sure. Will they be sold as a silent auction again, or just up for grabs on a first come basis? I love the scene I bought from you a year or two ago and I’ve had so many compliments from people who have seen it.

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