Dream Room Sneak Peeks


Last sneak peek –  Dream Room # 3 – just completed…

ad copy




Today’s peek at Dream Room #2 – just completed…




Here’s a peek at Dream Room #1 – just completed …




8 thoughts on “Dream Room Sneak Peeks

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  1. You know how much l adore your “signature” color scheme, but this one may have just become my new favorite.
    My Sybarites are SOOOO envious of the 1:6 scale ladies (and Gentlemen) that stand to inhabit these stylish environs. ;3 😀

    1. Thanks Deb ! – Just putting the finishing touches on this particular room today and taking snaps. It is GLORIOUS,let me tell you! All you need is ONE 12″ gal to complete the picture. 🙂

      1. Hmmm…my Aphrodisiac Mini Clone would look mighty stylish here… *winks* ‘Glorious’ is the perfect Adjective for this newest creation of yours, my friend…
        having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration.
        “the most glorious victory of all time”
        having a striking beauty or splendor that evokes feelings of delighted admiration.
        “a glorious autumn day”

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