Dream Rooms Revealed !


“The Apartment”

IMG_8629 copy   When conjuring up a mid-century look there’s nothing more stylish than a “sunk in” living room, or at least the appearance of one. Though an abbreviated version, the raised floor with 2 steps down into the living area give diversity a whole new meaning ! Raised area can be used as an entry into the living space or as a decorated extension of the room. Walls are painted in warm burnt sienna and brushed to resemble paneling . Two large windows flood the apartment with light. Far right wall features a built-in mid-century modern room divider. Knee wall, with built-in planter, is movable and can serve as a room divider as well. Color is what makes this apartment come alive! The sofa is upholstered in a coral/white MOD patterned fabric with tapered legs and yellow-gold wood trim. Both accent chairs are  upholstered in aqua and are quite shapely with angled arms and tapered legs, also painted in yellow gold. Accent pieces like the large credenza with horizontal sided front and the generous coffee table with copper wire legs are also painted yellow-gold.   This color was quite popular in 60’s decor and plays off nicely with the Chartreuse area rug.  The rug has a color on color diamond pattern throughout. Vibrantly painted Atomic Clock shows the playful side of this dweller and compliments the room almost like a piece of art. Although the walls to this Dream Room are not free-standing, they are held  in place with corner pinch holders.  This allows the walls to stand securely around the raised floor area so that you can move other pieces like the planter wall and stairs to your liking.  All furniture pieces can also be moved so that you can create several different looks! IMG_8632 copy IMG_8654 copy IMG_8636 copy IMG_8644 copy IMG_8649 copy IMG_8657 copy IMG_8659 copy IMG_8654 copy How your doll might look in “The Apartment”  IMG_8688 copy IMG_8690 copy IMG_8671 copy IMG_8707 copy “The Apartment”  includes : 1 Left Side Panel style wall – approximately 8″ w x 16″h 1 Center Panel style wall – with two windows – approximately 24″ w x 16″ h 1 Right Side panel style wall – with built-in Modern Room Divider/Accent – approximately 24″ w x 16″ h (walls finished on both sides) 1 Raised Floor section – approximately 8″ w x 24″ l x 2″ h 1 Set of stairs (2 steps)  unattached to raised floor and can be moved 1 Knee Wall – with built-in planter. Unattached and can be moved.  Approximately 4 1/2″ h x 12″ l x 1 .5 ” w 1 Area rug – Chartreuse with diamond pattern – Approximately 24″ x 20″ 1 Sofa – Pillow back/side cushions – Fully upholstered with tapered legs 2 Accent Chairs – Pillow back – Fully upholstered with tapered legs 8 Toss pillows – 4 Coral MOD print    –   4 Aqua 1 Coffee Table – Yellow-gold painted – copper wire legs with ball accent feet 1 large yellow wooden bowl – accent piece for coffee table 1 Credenza – Yellow – gold painted with horizontal sided front pattern, tapered legs (doors do not open) 1 Large round glass decanter – champagne color with gold stopper 2 Books – accent pieces for credenza (do not open) 1 Standing Lamp – Two prong style with wire accent. Rectangular “Linen” shade 1 Atomic Style Wall Clock 3 Atomic Star Bursts (wall accents) ************************************************************************************    “Sanctuary”  IMG_8507 copy   Welcome to a Mid Century Modern Bedroom where the living is laid back and easy.  Beautiful clean lines and simple yet stylish furnishings make this room a true sanctuary. Open concept to  the Terrace brings the outside in where you can admire the blossoming garden of wild roses and abundant sunshine ! Modern bed is covered in a beautiful blue/grey tweed and features a black glitter knit header pillow. Tapered leg styling and colorful toss pillows make this an inviting place to rest. Alongside your bed, an  accent table with built-in modern lamp.   Table has copper wire legs and ball style feet. Simple, but oh so perfect in this space! Large Dresser painted gloss black,with multi-drawer front, is a staple piece in the room. A perfect place to showcase the colorful, jewel-like perfume bottle collection ! On the opposite side of the “glass” wall, step out on to the Terrace with built-in garden of wild roses.  The white chaise lounge is the perfect place to catch some rays or relax with a cool drink and magazine.  Round white accent table plays host to your out-door accouterments . The back wall off the terrace is crackled glass for privacy yet still letting in lots of light ! Far Left/Back Bedroom Wall is FREE STANDING and connects the clear glass wall between the bedroom and terrace. You will notice a white floor in both the bedroom and terrace to create a seamless look. Again, letting the outdoors in. Lighting plays a large part as to the mood or setting in this room!  Notice in the photos, the light play between day and dusk and how the scene changes by the mere addition or removal of light. IMG_8478 copy IMG_8487 copy IMG_8482 copy IMG_8509 copy IMG_8516 copy IMG_8519 copy IMG_8483 copyIMG_8538 copy   How your doll might look in “Sanctuary”  IMG_8524 copy IMG_8559 copy IMG_8604 copy IMG_8595 copy “Sanctuary”  includes : 1  Bedroom/Terrace combination wall – Free Standing –   Wall is painted burnt sienna with flecks of brown/grey/black  to resemble artistic paneling, with black wood trim.  Approximate size 24″l x 16″h x 2″ d (Holds center “glass” wall partition.) 1 “Glass” Bedroom/Partition wall – Luxan clear plastic with painted black wood trim. Approximate size 14″h x 22″ l – 1 Crackled Glass Terrace wall – Frosted plastic with crackled glass look. Framed with black wood trim.  This wall rests against the Free Standing Bedroom wall 2 Floor pieces – Both painted white – 1 Bedroom floor – approximately 14″ w x 24″ l    –  1 Terrace floor  – approximately 10″ w x 24″ l  – Pieces fit together, center “glass” wall covers seam 1 Bed – Mattress covered  in tweed fabric with upholstered header pillow.   Tapered leg styling 3 toss pillow ( 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue/green) 1 Bed side Table – Painted, with copper wire legs and ball feet 1 Modern Lamp – Curved black lamp shade and copper wire base.  Attached to table 1 Small Metal bowl – table accent 1 Large Dresser – Gloss black with tapered legs and multi-drawer front styling (drawers do not open) Collection of Perfume Bottles – 1 Round mirrored tray with 3 colorful perfume bottles – Collection of 5 Aqua glass perfume bottles. 1 Terrace Garden – Built in rose garden with wild roses and greens 1 Chaise Lounge  – Cushioned and upholstered in white with tapered legs. 2 Toss pillows – For Chaise – 1 red, 1 yellow 1 Round accent table – Painted white 1 Drink – Custom made drink w/straw 2 magazines – Do not open ************************************************************************************ Email : welcomehome@maryannroy.com

*Auctions Ended – These sets have been sold !

* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.


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  1. So amazing, everything looks fabulous, the apartment is my fav, the atomic clock, the details…. sigh! The research you put in to your work is so apparent and I wish you success with the auction.

  2. They are amazing!!!! I love them all, specially Sanctuary I wish I had the mone to get it. Now, I feel I need to share this story. I was watching everything and told my husband “look, I want this room!!!” he turned to the computer ad I started showing him the photos in order, he just nods and says is pretty nice. And I keep scrolling down, and finally reach the photos with the dolls in it, and he turns to me and says “OHHHH but it is a doll room!!!! I thought it was a real one!!”.
    He was totally shocked, spent the next minutes watching everything with detail and saying how amazing your work is…which I coudln’t agree more.

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