Prototype pieces and sets available



Thanks to all who purchased !!


Hello All

As mentioned yesterday, these pieces were created in preparation to my “Little Bit of Joy” sale.  These are perfectly lovely pieces, no issues, just made to try out shape/materials etc.

I am letting some structures go as well, since I need to make space in my work room for new projects.

These pieces are limited. What I list is what there is, no more. So when they are gone, they are gone.

Please take the time to read each description and ask me any questions.  Thank you so very much for your continued interest in my work !


Maryann –



STRUCTURES – These special sets are designs that I have built by hand to use in photo shoots, magazine articles a/o sales.   Because of size and delicate nature of these structures they will be shipped separately and not with any other pieces you may purchase. Thank you for understanding.

Stone Wall with Fireplace :  Two wall structure consists of : 1 Stonewall with built-in fireplace  and built-in window with shelf like sill. 1 Painted (coral pink) wall with wooden “beam”. Both walls are FREE STANDING and finished on both sides  and edges (see photos) which allows you to use walls in several different ways . Very versatile !

Set also includes “fire” and LED light  for fireplace.  Wall sizes – Both walls measure approx. 20″ w x 16″h  x 2″ d

This set has a charm all its own !  Can be used in so many different ways – And your own walls/dividers and pieces to get even more looks!

$300.00 – plus shipping.   ONLY ONE      SOLD !



Back of walls :backs



2 Tier “Apartment” -Set consists of 3 walls, (1 blue windowed wall, 2 yellow walls) raised floor and stairs.  – Blue wall measures approx. 24″w x 16″h . Yellow walls measure approx. 12″w x 16″ h. Walls surround raised level floor which measures approx. 23 3/4″ w x 8″ d x 2 1/8″h.  Stairs are not attached to raised floor so these may be placed where you wish.

Walls finished on inside and edges only (not finished outside). Walls DO NOT stand on their own.  Use a small piece of painters tape behind each to hold securely in place.  Because this set is collapsible, you can stack it  and easily store it away.

This set holds many possibilities !  You may have seen me use it on several occasions! Add your own walls/pieces to make it go further!

$300.00 plus shipping – ONLY ONE   SOLD !



Stacked for storage:stairapt3



Cosby Sectional Sofa in AMBER  –  Cordova fabric –  $110.00 plus shipping  ONLY ONE  SOLD !




Cosby Chairs –   ONE OF EACH COLOR  –  $65.00 per chair plus shipping

Left to right :    FLAX      SOLD                 CORAL     SOLD!                                OATMEAL  SOLD!

chairsLeft  :   GRASS GREEN   SOLD !                                Right:  PICANTE     SOLD !

chairs2Credenza – Hand painted cork front.  A very artsy piece !   $ 55.00 plus ship   ONLY ONE    SOLD!

credenzaMILES WALL UNIT – $85.00 plus shipping  – ONLY ONE    SOLD !


Sandburg Table – Sweet H shaped table with green “glass” acrylic top – $ 55.00 each    SOLD OUT!



Cosby Sofa  – Fabric : Key Largo Teal $85.00 plus shipping  ONLY ONE    SOLD !


tealbackCosby Sofa – Fabric : Cordova Turquoise   $85.00 plus shipping  ONLY ONE      SOLD !



Wall Art – STOVALL – Large  8″ l x 2 3/4″ h  –     SOLD OUT!


Wall Art – SPEAR – Medium  5 1/4″ l x 2 3/4″ h –  $50.00 plus shipping   ONLY ONE     SOLD!

spearPillow Packs –  2 pillows per pack .  Choose from   Gold/Floral   OR   Teal/Swirl    $20.00 per pack   plus shipping.    2  of each set available     SOLD OUT!



Please email me for availability or any questions.   Thank you !




 Welcome Home  – “Add a little LIFE to your display”

* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.




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