Working on fabrics for the new set . Definitely going more toward the glamorous side!

Here’s a peek !




“Scribble” idea from below taking shape.  I thought I would post in black in white, so I don’t give away any colors – just yet !  Funny how sometimes ideas take on a life of their own and may go in another direction…






Here is an inspirational “scribble” that I think, projects the next best thing from Welcome Home.  Do you see it ?

When I get inspired, it might be a  photo, a movie, or a song.  Scribbling (as I call it) what I see in my minds’ eye, helps me decide what  I would like to offer next .  This is for reference only, as sometimes, once I start the creating process, it takes on a life of its own and so,  I wonder what the end result will be ? …