Re-imagined Beauties !

Hello again Everyone !

I’m in a painting mood this week.  I have two re-imagined  dolls for sale. Both of these dolls were originally Barbie “Cat Woman” dolls.


I have re-bodied both dolls to reproduction bend leg bodies, as the original cat suit is notorious for staining ! Both dolls have received complete makeovers with facial screening and new hair styles.


Doll #1 – Has a “Mary Jane” hair style  – SOLD !






Doll #2 – Has a “Side Swept Bang” hair style : SOLD !





Both dolls were hand painted by Me, so each one has their own unique look. And,they look gorgeous dressed in just about anything! Dolls have bend leg reproduction bodies with working bend legs and no staining.

Doll sold NUDE.   $85.00 each – plus shipping

Doll #1 NOW SOLD !   Doll #2 NOW SOLD !     – Thank you !

Please email me for availability :




6 thoughts on “Re-imagined Beauties !

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  1. I saw these dolls in person and they are absolutely TDF!!!
    Incredible transformations and each with her own personality!!
    Best Wishes Maryann!!! 🙂

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