Structure for a swank setting !

Need a swanky place to show off your “Welcome Home” furniture ?  Look no further!

This sweet display is the perfect place to house your furnishings and dolls for the ultimate diorama experience !

Painted “paneled” walls, raised floor, half wall planter and swanky built-in room divider make this the perfect bouncing off point for the mini decorator in you !

Stairs and half wall planter are unattached and can be moved to create several different looks.

Walls are not free-standing, but adhere to the raised floor base with non-intrusive putty for stability and ease in display.

Decorate any way you choose ! Perfect for display as well as back drop/settings for diorama photographers !






Doll not included – Shown for scale :



Compact design allows for easy, stack-able storage when not in use.


Set includes : 3 walls: 1 windowed wall, 1 built in room divider wall, 1 short outside wall,  1 raised floor, 1 set of move-able stairs, 1 move able half wall/planter.

Measurements are approximate :

Back wall and Built in Room Divider walls – 16″h x 24″w

Left wall – 16″ h x 8.5″w

Raised floor – 24″ l x 8″ w x 2.25″ h

Set is LIMITED to 3 at this time.

$375.00 per set plus shipping. (3 sets available)     1 left !     SOLD OUT !

*Shipping may be pricey as package will be larger than 28″.

Please email me for purchase and availability.


Sale is for the structure only. No doll or furniture included.

The following are sets that are similar to this one, and may provide inspiration for your set display !



IMG_8652 copy



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