In a Christmas Mood

A favorite holiday ornament of mine are vintage miniature houses made of cardboard and decorated with glitter, paint and felt. You could light these mini gems by placing them on your Christmas tree and placing one the tree lights into the back of the house.  These were quite popular in the 1950’s and 60’s. And, you can still find them today at antique shops or flea markets.

The other day, I tried my hand at making one of these gems from a pattern posted on Retro  This one is an adorable mid-century modern style home, so I made mine using colors that I thought might be appropriate for the time.


There is a small opening in the back of the house into which you can insert  an LED tea light candle to light the house.   I used tan tissue paper for the windows to give the house a warm glow.   The “bushes” are made from moss and sprinkled with white glitter.IMG_0635

A petite size ( 8″ l x 3.5″ d) – It’s perfect for the Christmas tree, holiday mantle or accessory table.IMG_0654So charming and delightful. Mesmerizing too!

Creating this tiny abode definitely put me in a Christmas mood !

Happy Holidays!




6 thoughts on “In a Christmas Mood

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  1. WOW — Incredible! How I loved the miniature cardboard homes and other ‘town building’s that my father would place beneath the tree, dotting a snowy ‘landscape’ through which the train would chug along. This work of yours, so wonderful, brings back to me that magic!

  2. OMG I had forgotten all about these! Now I remember trying to make my own modeled after the ones my Grandma had way back when. Yours is just adorable, I LOVE the pitch of that roof!
    P.S. I thought of you this weekend, Maryann, after seeing MCM Christmas wrapping paper on Evilbay, along with paper from the 40s and 50s. I’d love to buy some, but not for gift wrapping, at least not at those prices. 😉 Any thoughts on how else this amazing wrap could be used and enjoyed for years to come would be greatly appreciated, oh craft Sensei. :3

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