In the NEWs…


Hello All –

Time to update you on what is NEW with “Welcome Home” !


I am very pleased to share an interview that I did with “Glory Days” !   This vintage lifestyle magazine brings the past into the present . Originating in New Zealand, this delightful periodical  blends a love of all things vintage and modern day as well. Find out a little bit more about Me and what makes Me tick, as well as what  started it all for “Welcome Home”.

All Mid Century, Retro and Atomic enthusiasts will love this magazine ! Get your hot little hands on the Glory Days “HOME “ issue by going to :




You may recall that I recently  posted some photos and information on a commission I did for the JOYBIRD furniture company.  I have just learned that my pieces are being used in an ongoing promotional campaign for JOYBIRD and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Here’s a peek (with permission from JOYBIRD) :

campaigncampaign2More JOYBIRD / Welcome Home to come, so stay tuned.  If you are interested in furniture for your own home, find them on the web by going to :



Yes Peeps –  I will be attending the National Barbie Convention this year in Arlington, Virginia !  And will be selling from my room alongside the very talented and lovely Hilda Westervelt of Bellissima Couture !

I am dying to let you in on some treasures and surprises, but, at this time I can only tell you this – Remember the debut of the “Acryluxe” chairs I designed ?  Well, these are about to get a companion!  May I present the “Acryluxe SOFA” !  Debuting only  at Barbie Convention !


I am so excited about this recent development in my “Acryluxe” line, that I just had to share and show you a sample !

There will be other surprises during convention week too, so I hope to see you all there. – Really looking forward to meeting you all in person!



I will be offering a ONE OF A KIND vignette for sale via SILENT AUCTION this coming Saturday, June 6, 2015.  This set evokes glamour and is reminiscent of those designs by one of my very favorite interior decorators – William Haines !

Unlike my previous 3 day silent auctions, this one will only run for the weekend (two days only– Saturday through Sunday at midnight EST.)  More details to follow.

Here is a tiny peek to get your imagination going !

william copy

I am so happy to be able to share all that is NEWs with “Welcome Home” ! Thank you All for following along with Me !

Watch for updates from my OOAK Auction coming this SATURDAY !

My best always,


Contact : welcomehome@maryannroy,.com


“Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All contents, photos, designs, furnishings and ideas are that of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.




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