“Sun Goddess”


“Sun Goddess”


One of the well-known things about anything miniature is that it can be mesmerizing.  You can look into a miniature scene and totally get lost while you intently examine every little detail.  Nothing wrong with that, I say!

Most of my sets include a semi translucent windowed wall as an impressionistic way to let in light and lend a hand at creating reality.   I decided to take that idea a step further and in this set, include a windowed wall that allows you to actually gaze INTO the room.

“Sun Goddess” is a complete room setting that will not only enable you to enjoy your fabulous Welcome Home vignette, but will allow you to arrange, re-arrange, and create future vignettes of your own!

Presenting – “Sun Goddess” !



021037039045 copy047034028Photo shows 2 main walls. Each painted Antique White one side, Burnt Sienna on the other. Allows the change of a room by simply turning the wall around !


Window Wall – Interior side showing drapery :


Exterior of windowed wall :


Showing a different look with the walls turned to the burnt sienna side.  The antique white windowed wall makes a nice contrast !

069063A close up of the glorious floral mesh covering the sofas ! :


This auction has ended . Thanks so much to all who were interested !  Follow Welcome Home for more exciting designs coming soon !


Contact : welcomehome@maryannroy.com

More photos of the set in the sunshine !




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