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As a Miniature Artist, and one who dabbles in photography as well as contributing to magazines, I need to have my own props, furniture and dwellings on hand .  I do grow attached to these (“stock pieces” as I call them) because, of course I’ve made them all.  But every now and then, to keep my work area from busting at the seams and to change things up a little, I will offer pieces from my personal collection for sale.

The following two Vignettes are from my personal stash. You may have seen them many times in varied states of arrangement as they have been used for a number of special occasions.

SOLD OUT !  – Both sets have now sold. Thank you EVERYONE !!

Vignette #1 – Apartment style back drop wall with built-in kitchenette and front door (does not open). Side window and open end top, allow sunlight in. This is a free-standing piece,

Planter half wall also stands on its own and can be placed anywhere for room expansion and mid-century flair.A turquoise wall divider works well as a partition for the kitchen or an extension of the wall.

Mid century style furniture includes upholstered sofa (pink on pink brocade), side table, coffee table with glass green acrylic top, table lamp, pillows, and table accessories.

This set also features my signature “Kitty Kat” wall adornments and floor plant. I will also include a set of Moon Lights for added atmosphere!

Approximate size of the backdrop wall is : 20″w x 16″h x 4″d

*Floor and Barbie doll not included.



 Vignette #2 – Two wall back drop . Windowed wall is free-standing. Window is recessed into the wall . Ledge allows room for folded shade (included). Window compartment also has holes that will accept a drapery rod if you prefer curtains.

Wall with attached brick adornment does not stand alone, however has a recessed panel edge that butts up to window wall and will hold fast with the use of a little poster putty hidden in the corner.

Mid century style furnishings include : Two sofas, upholstered in chic black and white , toss pillows, lattice work coffee table w/glass green acrylic top, table accessories, corner table – white with clear acrylic legs, 3 legged table lamp, original art work (by Me) and paper window shade.

Approximate wall sizes : Window wall : 19″w x 15″h x 1 1/2″ d  Brick wall 19″w x 15″h

*Floor and Barbie doll not included

vin8.jpgvin10.jpgvin9.jpgvin6.jpg vin7.jpg






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  1. Dreaming about those being “Personally Mine”!!! 🙂 Gorgeous pieces and well done for the fast sale.

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