More items for Barbie Convention, ready to go !

More peeks at items going to Barbie Convention ! As mentioned previously,Hilda Elizabeth Westervelt and I have teamed together to create “Mannequin Mavens” – a line of spectacular One of a Kind Beauties making their debut at Barbie Convention next week ! Two of these gals will be seen prior to our Tuesday event.
The First – “Hollywood Siren” – Is our donation to the Silent Auction. The set includes the pink and coral wardrobe with sliding pocket door, and built-in 3 panel mirror. A specially designed “Acryluxe” chair is also provided for our Diva. And, what STAR is complete without a fabulous collection of glorious ensembles designed and tailored just for her!? Hilda’s impeccable workmanship and perfect choice of fabrics shows !
silent.jpgsilent2.jpgDolls’ facial paint and hair styling by Maryann.

The Second – “Beauty in Bloom” – Is our Raffle Room donation. A breath of fresh air ! Flower and bead trimmed bubble dress by Hilda. Facial paint and hair styling by Maryann.

raff1.jpgraff.jpgraff2.jpgFor more peeks at what you may find in our sales room, look at the post below.

Hope you see you there !



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