Welcome Home Sale

Post updated 9-25-15!

Hello Everyone – My sale today features “Acryluxe” A glamorous line of fine acrylic furnishings for 12″ fashion dolls.   All pieces are designed and created by Me. The idea sprang from a vintage Japanese Ad featuring a dressed boxed doll and chair sold in Japan around 1967/68.   More on that below.

The SOFA is NEW to the “Acryluxe” line, and made its debut this past weekend at Barbie Convention !

All pieces in the line are made from fine extruded acrylic. Finishes and fine fabrics for cushions give the pieces their glamorous appeal.  Low profile allows even dolls with straight legs, (like Silkstone dolls) to sit without looking awkward.

A selection of color choices are showcased below.  Please note that some pieces are extremely limited. 

As specific fabrics were chosen for each color acrylic, and each piece comes with its own set of cushions, I will not switch out cushions for other patterns or colors at this time.  Thank you for understanding.

*       Also featured in today’s sale are  The “Mannequin Mavens” !  A collaboration from the creative minds of Hilda Westervelt and Maryann Roy. Only ONE of these spectacular OOAK gals are available.  All others have been sold !  Please see her listed below the furnishings.

*      I love having the opportunity to work with other Artists, and so, as a special treat, I collaborated with Dal Lowenbein (dal’sdolls) to recreate the vignette from the Japanese ad which included a TNT doll, Japanese Exclusive dress and chair !  DOLL is not for sale, but you can purchase the dress directly from Dal and the chair from Me !  Details below.

Please email Me for availability and to purchase :  welcomehome@maryannroy.com

I will respond to all emails as soon as possible.

Thank you !


“Acryluxe” Chairs :




Chairs are $75.00 each (does not include shipping) and come in these color choices :

Copper Metallic frame –  with GOLD Glitter knit cushions – Limited!

Gold  Metallic frame  –     with PINK Glitter knit cushions –  Only  2 LEFT

Gold Metallic frame –       with  SILVER Glitter knit cushions  – Limited !



Clear frame with – Vintage Black brocade cushions          SOLD OUT

Clear frame with – Pink Glitter knit cushions    –             Only 1 left !

Clear frame with  – Vintage Orange brocade cushions     SOLD OUT

“Acryluxe” Sofas:



Sofas are $85.00 each (does not include shipping) and come in these colors:

Clear frame with –     ROSE/GOLD floral brocade cushions        – Limited !

Gold frame with  –      PINK  Glitter knit cushions                –    4 available

Copper frame with –   YELLOW/GOLD floral brocade cushions    –   2 available

All pieces mix and match nicely !  Possible combinations and set up shown in the Gallery.

Gallery :silkiecprchairsetsofa4model1



Exclusive Collaboration !  Sprung from this original Japanese Ad : ad.jpgYou may have seen my displays for Barbie Convention posted earlier : disply.jpgThese sold like HOT CAKES !  Only meant for display, I had no idea they would be such a hit, so all are sold !  However you can still get  “The Look” by purchasing a chair and dress for your own display !


Japanese Exclusive dress recreation by:  Dal (dalsdolls) –  $75.00 each.  Please contact Dal for availability :   daz3@optonline.net      DRESS ONLY !

The “Mannequin Mavens”  – From the first line in the series: Only 1 left of these beautiful OOAK creations brought to you by Hilda Westervelt and Maryann Roy.  

Debut price :  $ 395.00 each (plus shipping)

“Midnight Rendezvous” :


Midnight Rendezvous
This dark haired beauty has a seductive gaze, with dark blue eyes, and stylish white lipstick.  Her jet black hair has been swept up into an elaborate beehive, decorated with a diamante bow hair pin.  Her cocktail gown has a black silk, dropped waist bodice.  The bodice is defined by a band of sapphire blue silk.  The full skirt is made of black, point d’esprit net lace, embroidered with sapphire flowers.  The flowers are hand beaded with tiny jet and sapphire beads for sparkle.  The underskirt if multiple layers of black tulle with sapphire glitter that shines through the lace.
An extravagant bow in sapphire blue silk nestles on her hip.
Long black gloves complete this dramatic look.

Please contact Me for availability and any questions : welcomehome@maryannroy.com

JUST FOR FUN !   stoolMake a simple, yet dainty foot rest for your dolls by using a small square wooden block and small wooden disk. Glue the pieces together with wood glue and paint in color of your choice !


“Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All contents, photos, designs, furnishings and ideas are that of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.


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