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Ah, …The allure of compartmentalized living ! “Tiny House”- The newest craze? I think not !  Look at these vintage photos of one room living quarters and see for yourself that living small has been around for a mighty long time.

Perfect for our miniature divas, these darling vintage vignettes of small space living, are a perfect jumping off point for my next one of kind.  What do you think ?oneroomaptoneroomminiapt copy


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  1. Dear Maryann!

    That would be such a wonderful idea to re-create small-space living and keep it real, too! Certainly, not everyone had the means of living in spacious houses, especially not in big cities, not then, not now!
    What a great opportunity to incorporate so many detail in one room! Looking very much forward to be seeing more. Jutta

  2. BRILLIANT. These spaces look like the pictures in one of my vintage Good Housekeeping design books. 🙂 As long as it has a day bed or (better yet) a Murphy Bed (!!!) I’m ALL in. If only it was in 1:12 scale…on second thought, it’s probably a very good thing that it’s not 1:12, or I’d have to get a second job. Maybe even another Hubby! 😀

    I love this idea, Maryann. You RULE!

  3. I absolutely love the room in the top photo. The doors that close off the kitchenette and bathroom. This room has everything, bed, desk and chair, dining. So pretty and feminine. Can’t you just see Poppy in it? Yes!

    1. I love this room too Katherine. Especially because of the kitchenette and implied bathroom. The whole space is so feminine and lovely. I would probably change some colors/fabrics, but the layout is divine !

    1. Hi Julie – Thanks for your comments. The photos posted are just inspirational ideas. If I do a one room style apartment, it would most likely be with stand alone walls – no roof, for flexibility and numerous set up possibilities. Thanks for your question!

  4. Love the daybed room concept. You will do it brilliant justice. If not a whole room, then elements that have more than one function. Love your work.

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