My  lovely friend Pamela, shared a story with Me about her Grandparents who were real estate moguls and had remarkable taste when it came to decor and furnishings. Sadly, in the 1980’s, a house fire took most of its contents.

Pamela has fond memories of the home and in particular, her Grandmothers bed room, in which a lovely provincial-style chaise resided.

As you may know, I recently had the opportunity to work with Pamela( ) and one of the pieces I made for our collaboration reminded her of her Grandmothers’ chaise.  As I do like to collaborate with creative people and share our talents, I offered to make a similar chaise in her color choice, so that Pamela could treasure the memory of her Grandmother and that chaise.   While her Grandmothers’ chaise was one piece, the one I made is two pieces (and miniature of course!) allowing for more flexibility and play and perhaps in some small way help a keep a dream and memory alive.