A Great Read!

Hello Dollings!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to share a new book with all of you : 

Halina Doll Fashions Identification Guide by Claudia Thiem.

As the title implies, this guide is filled with over 200 pages of Halina Doll fashions and a back story about Halina (Powlowski)Nashan and how Halina Fashions were born.


A bit of a mystery, until now, the Halina fashion line began in the early 1960’s when Barbie doll was all the rage.  This guide provides detailed photos and names of the extensive Halina Fashions Line.

008 copy

I’m posting two teaser photos of outfits for you, but with respect to the author and all of the hard work that went into making this book happen, they are tiny photos with names and details purposely omitted. I assure you that the book has large, beautifully detailed photos of each gown, suit and/or separates known to date.

004 copy

009 copy

Until now, so little has surfaced about Halina and her fashions, that I may have passed these over a time or two myself.  While I am not a collector of Halina (yet!), this book provides a wealth of information on the subject and, as a collector, I feel that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! You never know what you might come across while collecting !

Arm yourself! 

You can currently purchase this book via Ebay. The seller is also the author.

 Seller :    brig320

You can also order directly from the author by emailing her at:  cthiem@sbcglobal.net

It’s well worth it!



**Please note that I am not affiliated, in any way, with the books’ Author, Publisher or Halina Fashions, nor do I get any kick back from posting about the book. Just sharing my personal opinion.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Claudia Thiem says:

    OMG that was great!! Thank you so much for doing that. I really appreciate it!!


  2. maryannroy says:

    You are welcome Claudia! Emailed you.

  3. Patricia Jones says:

    I bought one from Claudia, and it is a darling book, full of information and good photos! I’m glad I got one!

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I’m always interested in good reference books so I will check out the authors eBay listing.

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