Hello Everyone

I was asked a while ago, to take on a little project;  Build a mid-century modern (Mad Men style) office. While I don’t fancy myself as a designer of office furniture, this request interested Me more because of who it came from. 

David Parise is a 60’s nostalgia lover and extremely talented photographer whose current project is photographing vintage Barbie and family dolls in real life situations. -“Artwork that makes you smile”.

We have yet to see what fabulous photos will evolve from this set, as it is currently on its way to David, –  so more in the future! 

For now, I just wanted to share the set with all of you!

Here are the results of the Mid Century Modern Office: 



To see David Parise’s work go to:   www.barbieandkenphotos.com

New sets coming soon!

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