“Bungalow ’59”

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to My first offering for 2018!

“Bungalow ’59” is a ONE OF A KIND diorama that includes walls, furnishings and accessories, stylized in a mid-century manner . 

Set details and purchasing information are listed at the end of the presentation.

Thank you !


This set in now SOLD!!


This set was built in stages as previously shown here on the blog. I really was unsure of what the furnishings were going to be until I had the walls completed. The set took on a life of its’ own and pieces came to Me one at a time rather than all at once. Still, I am delighted with the outcome!


The bar cart!   I just knew one had to be included and the design is just perfect for the room!


Drapery pattern and “wallpaper” patterns are My own design and were hand painted. Including painting white paper to the red I prefered for the drapes and the wall. The trimmings from the drapes were utilized to make the pleated lamp shade! This was a happy coincidence since I had no idea what lamp would be included at that time. I love when things like this happen – Kismet!



The credenza has a sliding front door which allows the piece to have 3 different looks. Slide door to the left, or the right or place it in the middle!

This set is perfectly sized for 12″ fashion dolls.  The Sofa and Chair have deep seats which allows long-legged fashion dolls to be sitting pretty!


Special lighting effect, hidden in the ceiling of the stairway wall, gives the room realism and sets a mood.

050 copy 2

“Bungalow ’59” includes all of the following :

1 Stairway wall – Wall is free-standing. Details include stairway, front door (implied, does not open) hand painted “wall paper”, built-in lighting compartment , 3 LED puck lights, and cracked “glass” room divider.  Top lifts off to expose lighting compartment. Room divider is not attached to the wall.  Approximate size:  16″h x 20″w x5″ d  – Wall finished and painted on all sides.


1 Windowed wall – Wall is free-standing. Details include built in window  (translucent yet still lets in plenty of light), paper drapery – hand painted and pleated. Drapes stand against the wall on their own and are NOT adhered to wall. This allows you to place them as you wish along the window and also for safe shipping avoiding any crushing. The use of paper for drapes, gives a cleaner look I think.  This wall is also finished on all sides. Approximate size : 16″h x 20″w x 2″ d


The following furnishings and accessories are included :

Sofa and Chair – Custom designed by Me for this space. Each piece features painted wood trim, tapered legs, rounded edges,side arm tufting and mid-century styling. Pieces are upholstered in pale blue tweed. Includes 7 color coordinating pillows.furn

Bar Cart –  Another piece I designed just for this space. Made from wood, but painted metallic gold. Accessories shown in above photos are NOT included, but I will include an unopened package of glasses and a blue glass “bottle” to start you off.


Mid Century Credenza –  Wooden painted piece. Interior shelving with sliding front door, tapered legs, slim styling. Fits perfectly against the stairway wall.


Accessories  – What’s a room without!?  Accessories are like jewelry and dress up a room making it feel more like a home.  Potted floor plant, wooden, hand painted ,bird cage, 2 small potted plants, 3 books (do not open) 1 mirrored trivet and 1 custom designed table lamp with hand painted pleated shade.



Once combined, these pieces flow seamlessly together creating one beautiful space!



PLEASE NOTE – FLOORING IS NOT INCLUDED!  You can, however, create this look with  some contact paper or by placing this set on a wooden table.

As with all of My creations, everything  in this set is hand made (with the exclusion of light pucks and some bar accessories. If you have never purchased from Me before, please feel free to read my About/Policies page.

“Bungalow ’59” is now available for purchase :  SOLD!  

Shipping is calculated according to your zip code. Please expect shipping to be pricey because of the box size needed to ship the walls. The set is of delicate nature and so walls and furniture will be shipped in two separate boxes for safety purposes.

PayPal is currently the only form of payment I accept. (NO E-checks) Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. I do not offer lay-away, nor hold items. If you cannot pay today, please do not ask to purchase.  Please feel free to read my About/Policies page for more detail.

For inquiries, availability and to purchase, please email :

maryann@ntplx.net                    OR                welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Thank You!



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  1. Davids Mail says:

    Hi Maryann

    Sold ! if it’s still available

    thanks David

    Barbie and Ken Photos 425 West Broadway Suite 6B New York, NY 10012


  2. Ronda says:

    Another beautiful room!

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