Doll Restorations/Commissions open

Hello Everyone

For many years, prior to working with wood and creating furniture, I was a restorer of vintage dolls.  You may have seen my work in Miller$ magazine where I had my own column for doll restoration, or have seen my work in Barbie Bazaar,Fashion Doll Quarterly or numerous places on the internet.

While I am recuperating from foot surgery (no worries, I’m fine) which does not allow me to be standing at wood working machines for several weeks, I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to open my book for doll restorations.

Please email Me if you would like to have your vintage Barbie dolls restored by me during this time.  I am also offering repaints/restyling of reproduction Barbie dolls as special commissions if you are interested in this type of work as well.

A few samples of my work:


This babe had no eyebrows BEFORE!


Pricing for Vintage Barbie doll restoration :



Molded hair dolls: repaint $25

Eyebrow restoration: retouch both brows – $20.00

New eyebrows or complete restoration of both brows: $35.00

Eyelash ridge restoration:  $10.00 both lash ridges

Eyeliner restoration:  $10.00 both eyes

The Eye itself (iris, pupil, whites, liner): $10.00 each eye

Both eyes complete (no existing paint): $30.00

Lip restoration (new lips or changing color): $25.00 (includes nostril dots)

Lip Retouch: – $15.00

Nail/Toe Polish restoration:
All at once (nail/toe refresh): $15.00

Blush: $10.00

Complete Face Restoration Package:
 (brows  retouched/lashes/lips/nostrils retouched/blush) – $45.00   Does not include hair restoration

“The Works”: Doll cleaning, hair restoration, any/all paint  restoration (includes nails) – $60

General Doll Cleaning: $12.00 per doll – does not include hair washing.

Hair Restoration

Short hair: (Bubblecut,  or American Girls style) – $25.00- hair  is cleaned before setting.

Ponytail Style: (includes Twist and Turns and Francie/Midge “Flip”  hairstyles) – $25.00 – hair is cleaned before styling.

Swirl Style: $25.00 – hair is cleaned before styling. Includes hair ribbon.

French Twist Styles, Factory Bun or Braided Styles and special Hair  Styles with up-do and beads: $40.00

Hair is cleaned before styling

Special requests: Such as repainting a Barbie to resemble a Bild Lilli  or #3 Barbie doll to resemble a #1 Barbie doll, etc. will be discussed  at the time of your inquiry. Prices start at $80.00
PayPal, personal checks and money orders accepted.
No work will begin until payment is received
Shipping and insurance charges are separate and are based on your zip  code, the weight of the box and the amount of insurance you would like  on the package. I try to estimate this as close as possible when you  are requesting work from me. Dolls with special insurance or packaging requirements will be  discussed at time of order.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions, or special  doll needs.




“Re-imagined” Reproduction Barbie Dolls :  Commission work for “Re-imagined Dolls”  $75.00 per doll. You provide the doll.

Cat Woman BEFORE:cat

Cat Woman AFTER :


Reproduction Bubblecut BEFORE:

008 copy

Bubblecut “Re-imagined” – AFTER:

08a copy

Some other favorites AFTER their transformations:

Former “Evening Gala ” Repro


Former “Sleepytime Gal” Repro


Former “Gold n Glamour” Repro

003 copy


Please contact me to discuss your restoration needs, to book a Spa appointment or with any questions.


Thank you!







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