“Mannequin Mavens” and other Marvelous wonders!

Hello Everyone!

While it may seem that I have been quiet recently,  I have spent the last few weeks working on some glorious items for National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention, which is currently under way at the JW Marriott in Phoenix AZ.

Once again, this year, I have teamed with Hilda Westervelt (Bellissima Couture) to offer a spectacular One Of A Kind set for the Live Auction at NBDCC which debuts this Friday! I am not allowed to share photos of our donation yet, but will do so once the auction is taking place.

Hilda and I are also, once again, offering our own line of one of a kind dolls, lovingly known as “Mannequin Mavens”.  A glorious selection of dolls will be available on Wednesday from 1:00-5:00 pm in RM # 3547.

Hilda Westervelt and Rebecca Berry will be your hosts.  While I am not physically there, I may be able to speak with some of you (via speaker phone)during the event. Almost like being there! 🙂

Hilda and I are delighted, at this time, to offer you some sneak peeks of our gals!

36885938_629070990793326_752922378467540992_n copy36961583_629071140793311_7625806565391466496_n copy36886008_629070564126702_2756526602031464448_n copy36888014_629070724126686_2710814118343868416_n copy37066197_629070340793391_2940774591586369536_n copy36938937_629070887460003_1815379016983511040_n copy36912405_629070474126711_7210745169333714944_n copy36897124_629070200793405_5644735359465029632_n copy.jpg

I hope as many of you as possible, will stop by to take a look, to browse, and to purchase!  Rebecca will have her glorious scarves, bags and hat boxes available too! All you need is in RM #3547 !  Both Hilda and Rebecca will be delighted to see you!

Thank You All so much!  Maryann


2 Comments Add yours

  1. northmoore says:

    Looks really exciting !! Good luck 😍😍

  2. These little teasers look like something fabulous!! Have a great time!

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