2 Room Apartment now complete!

Hello Everyone

I have permission from My client to show the now completed  2 Room Apartment!   I’ve had so much fun creating it and I wanted to share the project with those of you who have been following along. 

Thank you to the buyers for their patience and faith in Me!     Maryann

The Set:

A dwelling fit for the reigning queen of fashion dolls – Barbie !  Here are some beauty shots with her modeling her new home:

  I don’t usually post My thought or work process, but I hope you have enjoyed seeing this project from its inception to completion.  It’s always so rewarding for Me when a project comes together and I am able to view it through the lens just like all of You!

Best, Maryann

Inquiries about My work:   maryann@ntplx.net

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Welcome Home  – “Add a little LIFE to your display”

* Welcome Home/Maryann Roy –  is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. maryannroy says:

    Thank you Dahling! xo

  2. Deb says:

    This is an absolute delight!

  3. Nonna says:

    I have loved watching the process. Thank you for sharing. LOVE LOVE LOVE this space. I may have drooled on my keyboard a few times.

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