Reliving a Favorite

Several years ago, I was asked to design store front windows for Gems & Jewels jewelry store in Ballart Austrailia.  An exciting adventure to say the least ! At last, I was out of the box and into the window – so to speak. 🙂

The following presentation shows the test photos sent to G&J for approval, as well as the final results in the window.

As I love to bring miniature art to every corner of the imagination, this seemed appropriate and a wonderful collaboration.  I would, once again, like to share with all of you.



Living Space – test photoslivelive3live2.JPG

In the G&J store window :



The Den space:


In the G&J store window :display2

The Bedroom:


In the G&J store window:


Here’s a look at Gems & Jewels store window at night:


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Gems & Jewels:

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Welcome Home  – “Add a little LIFE to your display”

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ronda says:

    Oh, those rooms are lovely! And what a fun project and an ingenious idea for the display windows. I’m sure it caught people’s attention. As always, beautiful work!

  2. Julie Manley says:

    How fabulous and looks gorgeous! Ballarat was a gold mining area in the 19thC so it was very wealthy, and is a typical historical Australian town.

  3. What a massive project but so worth it for the final results!!! The hours, the fussing not to mention the destination…….this is who you are Maryann and it is spectacular!!!

  4. maryannroy says:

    Thank you so much Brenda! xo

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