“The Wonder Wall” II

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I am always on a quest to create the most realistic atmosphere when it comes to my Art. This is why I like to create room settings as well as furniture.  Today I am offering  “The Wonder Wall” II.  While it is meant to be back drop ,it also has the ability to become a room setting by the mere addition of a few pieces! And, since it can be changed around in so many ways, it may even inspire the interior designer,  miniaturist or photographer in you!

Price and ordering information below the presentation photos and set description.

I answer orders via EMAIL and in the order I receive them.  Sale days are very busy,  but I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.   Maryann

All inquires –  maryann@ntplx.net


“The Wonder Wall ”  II  – is a one piece FREE STANDING unit that features an attached side board with sliding front door . The entire unit, including the side board are painted a warm reddish-brown, and the walls have a painted panelled effect. Very popular in the mid century!  

“The Wonder Wall” II can be styled and used in at least 3 different ways!

Style 1 :  Set up features – Tall floor plant, bird of paradise acrylic wall art, TV faceplate,  2 miniature gold deer figurines.

Showing Barbie modeling in the space :

“The Wonder Wall” II comes with a string of miniature LED lights that you may want to adorn the floor plant with!


OR – put the miniature LED lights inside the sideboard for a little whimsy!

 YES! The TV frame comes with two slides! ONE – a typical TV screen when the TV is OFF.  TWO – a colorful scene from the movie “The Long Long Trailer”! The TV frame (or faceplate), is meant to look like a built in TV. While it doesn’t light up, the effect from the provided slides makes it appear like the TV is working!  – It’s all about choices with  “The Wonder Wall ” II

Here’s  Barbie enjoying the movie!  (Sofa and doll NOT INCLUDED)

Style 2 :   Set up features the tall floor plant again, but on the opposite side of the wall, and a miniature version of the Whitco wall map! – A very popular wall piece in mcm homes!  Here, the sideboard serves as a cocktail bar.  (drink glasses and glass bottle not included)

“The Wonder Wall” II  – also comes with two tiny round LED lights that you may want to use to light up the sideboard!

The crackled glass panel is stationary and does  not slide open.  This is how you will place the LED lights into the cabinet and then slide the gold door closed to conceal the light source.

Here is a close up of the Whitco wall map – Handmade and framed with faux glass.  I flocked the world continents to get  the 3D effect.

Barbie modeling in the space . (Sofa and doll not included)

And as if that weren’t enough…  The back of “The Wonder Wall” II is also hand painted with the panelled effect so that you may utilize the back of the set too!

  In STYLE 3 –   Use the free standing wall to create a dramatic vignette utilizing the Whitco wall map, the floor plant, the 2 LED mini lights, and your own piece of  furniture (Hopefully a Maryann Roy sofa). Place  the 2 LED mini lights on the floor in front of the wall to showcase the wall art, and then place your sofa just in front of (not over) the lights.  Voilà !

Accessories to help you decorate and create!

There are really so many ways to enjoy and utilize “The Wonder Wall” II!  What world will you create with yours?

“The Wonder Wall” II includes the following : 

1 – Free standing painted wall – featuring attached side board with sliding door .  Unit painted and finished on both sides. Sideboard features stationary crackled glass (faux glass) , also painted.   Approximate size of the wall : 15″h x 20″w x 2 1/2″ deep (inc sideboard)

1 – Floor plant – Tall, leafy green planted in a clay pot.

1 – Acrylic wall panel – “Birds of paradise” – painted champagne pink.

1 – Wooden TV Frame – Hand cut frame painted gold.  Clear plastic screen.  Includes two slides.  1- TV screen/OFF, 1 – scene from the movie “The Long Long Trailer”  .

1 – Whitco World Map – Handmade paper map, mounted and framed.  Continents flocked for 3D effect.

( I will also include poster putty for all of your wall hanging decor)

2 – Miniature deer figurines – painted gold.

1 – String of Mini LED Lights – NEW in package.

2 – MINI LED Lights – NEW, unused. 

(Both of the light sets are battery powered and come with batteries – replacement batteries can be found at most grocery stores a/o craft stores. This is why I chose these particular lights . You will be able to use these over and over and over again).

“The Wonder Wall” II  – debut price $375.00  plus shipping.     *  PLEASE MESSAGE ME FOR AVAILABILITY !

Sets are limited!    All sets are made and ready to ship. 

PayPal payments only.  No E-CHECKS.  Payment is required upon receipt of your invoice.  Please email me to order. Include your zip code so that I may calculate shipping and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

EMAIL :  maryann@ntplx.net

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* All items are hand made by the Artist, Maryann Roy. If you have never purchased from Me before, please feel free to read My policies by clicking on the About Me link on the home page.


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  1. dondeg says:

    The paint job on the paneling looks so realistic! The whole design is very cool! Great job, Maryann!

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