The 3 Projects

Hello Everyone

Thinking of all of You during this difficult time.

It is sometimes helpful to be busy during stressful events. And when worries occupy our minds, we may need to focus on the small things that bring us joy.  That being said, I am offering you 3 crafting projects for your dioramas and dolls, that I hope will take your mind off things, at least for a little while.  My gift to All of You.

Best, Maryann


Project #1 –  Felt Toss Pillows – I love felt for projects because it is both colorful and forgiveable fabric!

Materials you will need – Felt (your color choice), pillow stuffing, needle/thread, cutting wheel(or scissors), ruler, pencil and fabric glue.

Step 1:  Cut felt into 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ squares. Two for each number of pillows you want to make.

Step 2 : Glue 3 outer edges of one square (leaving one edge unglued) and place the twin piece on top, pressing the edges together to create a  “pocket”

Step 3:  Fill each “pocket” with pillow stuffing (fiber fill) just enough to plump the center and seal the  top edge with fabric glue

Step 4:  Sew edges in the same  color thread.  Use a whip stitch to create a whimsical and finished look!


The end result:  Toss these on a chair , sofa or bed!  Tip: You can also try contrasting colors of thread to create a different look!



Project # 2 – Clear Hat/Storage Boxes!  

Materials you will need:  Scrap book paper (I like metallics because they tend to be a little heavier), plastic tea light holders, ruler, cutting wheel (or scissors), pencil, fabric glue or clear paper glue.

Step one: Flip paper to wrong side and trace tea light cup (bottom side up) twice (2 circles). Cut along the OUTSIDE edge of the pencil line making your circle slightly larger than the circumferance of the cup.

Step 3: Glue these two pieces, wrong side together. This will strengthen the box top. The finished piece should be slightly larger than the top of the cup.  Cut a strip of metallic paper 1/4″ in width long enough to surround the outer edge of the cup 2 times.

Step 4:  Wrap the 1/4″ strip around the TOP edge of the tea cup . It is slightly larger than the bottom edge of the cup.  Use fabric glue to adhere the strip to itself – NOT TO THE TEA CUP.  The strip should be long enough to wrap around twice. Glue the end to the band to finish. Then, remove the band from the cup.

Step 5: Your 3 separate pieces should look like this: 

Step 6:  Sparingly use the clear gel/fabric glue around the top rim of the band and place the circular disk on top of the band creating the box top. 

Finished boxes may be used for small hats/fasteners, gloves and purses and shoes!  Makes a great display!


Project #3 – MCM Table Top Clock /Planter

Step 1:  Materials you will need – 1/16″ dowels, 1/8″ dowel, 1/8″ wood, wood glue, pin vice, exacto knife, mat board, pencil, pliers, metal embellishment, flat head pins, tiny bead,  green plants, paint in your color choice.

Step 1:  Make the base of the planter.  Cut 1/8″ piece of wood into a 1″ x 4″ piece.  Cut two 1/8″ x 1/8″ dowel into two,  1″ pieces and glue to the bottom of the base. These are the feet.  Place each “foot” 1/4″ in from each end and glue in place.  Let dry.

Step 2: Making the square for the clock.  Cut a 1/8″ piece of wood  1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ square. Use mat board to cut 1/8″ pieces to form a frame around the wood.  These will all be painted the same color, so use white mat board for the best outcome once painted. Glue frame pieces into place.  Let dry.

Step 3:  Making the angled back frame.  Cut the top of the form from 1/8″ square dowel – 4″ long.   For the left side (short end) cut 1/8″ dowel 3/4″ long. For the right side (long end) cut 1/8″ dowel 1 1/4″ long.  Glue ends together with wood glue.  Left side will have to be slightly angled to achieve correct look and fit.  Let dry.  You can fill any gaps with wood glue and sand prior to painting. 

Step 4:  Glue frame to planter base and let dry. 

Step 5: Make the planter box from mat board.   Cut two  1 1/2″ l x 1/2″ h pieces for front and back.  Cut two 1/4″ x 1/2″h pieces for sides  and 1/2″w x 1 1/4 l ” for bottom.  Glue box together and let dry.  

Step 6:  Use 1/16″ dowels to create vine frame.  Cut (3) 1/16″ dowels into 2 3/4″ pieces.  Cut (2) 1/16″ dowels into 1 1/4″ pieces for cross bars.  Glue together. Let dry.

Lightly sand all of your pieces prior to painting.

NOW PAINT ALL OF YOUR PIECES AND LET DRY.  I used “Linen” acrylic for my color choice.


Step 7:  Once the vine frame is dry, use plant foam to fill the planter box.  Glue the vine frame into the box using fabric or clear gel glue.  Let dry.   


Step 8: Using greenery/plants and moss, “plant” your greens and glue into place to your liking

Step 9:  Make the face of your clock with a metal embellishment (should not be larger than 1″), flat head pin, copper bead, and long flat head pin painted black to be used for clock hands.

Step 10:  Glue metall embellisment in the center of the clock plate.  Using  a pin vice, drill a hole in the center of the embellishment to accept the flat pin head, bead and clock arms.  Using plyers, bend the black painted flat head pin in two creating two clock arms.  You will need to trim the wire with wire cutters to represent the short hand and the long hand.  Glue “hands” bead and pin into the center of the embellishment.  Trim off any excess pin on the back of the clock.


Step 11:  Using the angled frame as a guide, glue the clock in place and the planter in place.  Let dry.

End Result – Place on any credenza, side board or shelf.  An MCM thing of beauty! 


I hope you had fun either exploring these creations or making them yourself and that it brought you some joy in the process.

Stay well my friends.    Maryann

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* All items are hand made by the Artist, Maryann Roy. 


 “Add a little LIFE to your display”

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  1. barbiembt says:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing Maryann. These look fun.

    Barbie Schamberger

    On Wed, Mar 18, 2020, 10:48 AM Maryann Roy -Neo-Retro Furnishings & Set Design

    1. maryannroy says:

      You are quite welcome! 🙂

  2. Jo Clessler says:

    Your generosity & kindness is inspiring, Maryann! Thank you for sharing creativity & beauty💜

    Sent from my iPad


    1. maryannroy says:

      You are welcome Jo. Have fun creating!

  3. photos4sue says:

    This is so fantastic, thank you for sharing this! Any chance you might put together kits with all needed materials for mail order? Susan

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. maryannroy says:

      Thanks Susan. I hadn’t planned on kits. 🙂

  4. Sheryl Looper says:

    This is so sweet of you to do, Maryann. Thank you! :).

  5. says:

    Thanks so much for being so thoughtful.  I just wanted to let you know that your kindness is very much appreciated.  Love the projects and that you thought enough to share them.

    1. maryannroy says:

      You are very welcome Jeani. 🙂

  6. Mary Lou Moad says:

    Maryann, THANK YOU! So kind of you!

  7. Eugene G Bellion says:

    Thank you so much. It’s good to have something you love to do when you need a break from reality every once in awhile.

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