Donation time! a “Swell Road Trip” Event

Hello Everyone!

I’ve recently been asked to participate in an on line event hosted by Bradley Justice Yarbrough and The Swell Doll Shop.

Bradley hosts several live as well as on line events throughout the year with benefits to the North Carolina Museum of Dolls, Toys and Miniatures.

This special event “Swell Road Trip” is currently happening online (Facebook ) and in person (North Carolina)

From Bradley’s post: This Week long virtual experience will share collections, history, fun, nostalgia and a retail opportunity. (what is more fun on a road trip than shopping). The “original” road trip where we gathered much of our video/history/fun took place last may/june. We have been all over the country! We hope you will enjoy the many scenes we saw, maybe it will spark a bit of nostalgia.

I have donated a lovely little set to this event entitled “Designed for Living”.

If your are part of the event, I hope you win!! If not, no worries! If you are a fashion doll lover you might like to follow along in Bradley’s event as well as participate in any of the Swell Doll Shop’s sales and future events!

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