The Wonderful World of Wool!

Hello Everyone and Welcome!

Thank you all so much for your patience while I was busy creating new designs for this sale.

While my offerings today do feature furniture pieces, there are also some other items that I have been experimenting with and decided to include in the sale. The hats may be a surprise, since you might think- what does that have to do with wool? But, you may be interested to know that the crown of each hat was created from wool. Plus, I love hats! The Beehive style in particular proved to be a favorite when last I offered them.

So, a little mix appearing in the sale today, but purchasing remains the same.

Please note that Payment is accepted via PayPal and is due upon receipt of your invoice. To purchase, please email me with your order. Kindly include your zip code or country where you live so that I may calculate shipping for you.


Prices and availability are listed at the beginning of each offering.

Thank you ! Maryann


The Boomerang Sofa : Oversized sofa with built in table resembling a boomerang. Each sofa is upholstered in wool and features built in table, button back cushion and tapered legs. 4 hand stitched, wool toss pillows included. Each Sofa w/pillows : $185 + Shipping.

“Mustard” wool Boomerang sofa: 1 available SOLD OUT!

Fully upholstered back:

“Pink Grapefruit” wool Boomerang Sofa: 1 available SOLD OUT!

Fully upholstered back :

“Linen” wool Boomerang Sofa: 1 available SOLD OUT!

Fully upholstered back :

“Love Bug Blue” wool Boomerang Sofa: 1 available SOLD OUT!

Fully upholstered back:

“Butternut Squash” wool Boomerang Sofa: 1 available SOLD OUT!

Fully upholstered back:

Slim Silhouette Lounge Chair: Custom designed by Me. This little beauty cut from birch wood, features curved angles and open arm rests creating its’ slim silhouette. Stand alone piece but also pairs nicely with The Boomerang! The Slim Silhouette Lounge chair has cushions upholstered in wool. 1 hand stitched leopard print pillow included. Each chair : $85 plus shipping

“Pink Grapefruit” wool cushions : 2 available SOLD OUT!

“Linen” wool cushions”: 2 available SOLD OUT!

“Butternut Squash” wool cushions: 1 available SOLD OUT!

“Love Bug Blue” wool cushions: 1 available SOLD OUT!

How you might style your furniture pieces:

Art Deco Style Figurine : A new venture for Me ! Created in pieces from resin, this beauty lovingly constructed, sanded and hand painted to resemble bronze with color wash details. $65 each plus shipping

7 available SOLD OUT!

Beehive Hats : Such fun! And SO VERY BARBIE! These darling, hand made, beehive style hats are the perfect addition to so many fashions from Barbie’s early years! * Each hat will fit : American Girl Barbie, Bubblecut Barbie (with tight bubble), Ponytail Barbie (with tail pinned up) and Silkstone Barbie ! Beehive Hat : $55 each plus shipping

Beehive Hat in Navy Tulle with blue glass beads: 1 available SOLD OUT!

Beehive Hat in Navy Tulle with clear glass beads: 1 available SOLD OUT!

Beehive Hat with Cream colored bridal tulle with silver glass beads: 2 available SOLD OUT!

Beehive Hat with white tulle and multi colored glass beads: 2 available SOLD OUT!

Beehive Hat with pink tulle and clear glass beads : 1 available SOLD OUT!

Beehive hat with pink tulle and yellow glass beads: 1 available SOLD OUT!

JUST FOR FUN! I thought I would try wool felting and created this little pomeranian companion for Barbie. While she is not for sale, I do have a few kits available for purchase if you would like to try wool felting yourself! Each kit comes with instructions,felting wool, felting needles and styrofoam pad.

Pomeranian Felting Kit : $15 each plus shipping 4 available SOLD OUT!

That covers it! Whew!

Thank you All for attending today and for your purchases! For inquiries and to purchase email me at:

If you have any issues reaching me via email, I can also be contacted here or via Facebook Messanger : Maryann Roy

Here are a few beauty shots with dolls modeling the furniture:

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* Maryann Roy/Maryann Roy Furniture Studio – is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. heyjlucy says:

    Hi Maryann! I would love one of your figures, and a Pomeranian kit! I would love a chair to go with one of my couch sets.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. maryannroy says:

      Messaging you on Facebook! xo

  2. Brian Wright says:

    Do you happen to have any of the statuettes left by any chance? I would like one if you do! Valerie Harrington

    1. maryannroy says:

      Hi Valerie – I have one left! Yours if you want it! 🙂

      1. Brian Wright says:

        I will take it! Will you send me an invoice or do I just pay you a certain amount? I am going to the store and will pay you in a bit! Valerie

  3. Sara B says:

    Oh my, these are so amazing. I’m going to start saving up.

  4. Candace Bennett says:

    Hello Mary Ann , I have just discovered your wonderful products. I would love a sofa in the blue or actually any color that is available plus the pillows . Also a chair to coordinate . Please let me know when some are available .
    Thank you so very much,
    Candace Bennett

    1. maryannroy says:

      Hi Candace – Thank you for your lovely comment. The Wonderful World of Wool sale is sold out. However, I will have new/different sofas in my next sale coming at the end of May, beginning of June. Please follow me here for updates or send me your email to be added to my First To Know list! Maryann

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