Collector Cachet!

I cannot tell you how delighted I am to see photos of  collectors enjoying their “Welcome Home” furniture!  You  are some of the most creative, inspiring people I know! So, here is a page devoted entirely to you.

With Gratitude!

Maryann 🙂

From the collection of:


Nancy Anderson:



Ann Tomasetti :



Bonita Cooper :








Wil Herold :



Val Campbell:







– Bonita Cooper




– Wil Herold


– Melissa Meistrell

– Lisa Davidson


– Natasha Christ


Mandy Deam

– Ernesto Padro-Campos

– Glenn Brown

– Hilda Westervelt

– Kari Stackhouse

– Christina Goodison

-Vin Trapani

– Dee Jefferson

– Val Sangster

– Eve’s Dolls

-Ann in Florida

-Roberta Montgomery

– Gailya Goode

Want to be added to the collector page? Send me photos of your dolls enjoying their “Welcome Home” furnishings!

Where does YOUR doll Live?

Welcome Home!

19 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    Oh My….I have never seen such fantastic photos in my life…Maryann, you are such an extremely talented young lady…Takes my breath away..

  2. Lucy says:

    Just wonderful Maryann I love seeing the old dolls. You pieces look just beautiful with them all.

  3. Hilda says:

    Incredible! I love seeing everyone’s collections of Welcome Home furniture! This is a great feature of your blog. I hope other collectors send in their pictures now!

    xo H

  4. WoW! All are so welcoming! Can’t name a favorite!! Karen 🙂

  5. Lori Dufort says:

    This is all wonderful. It is everything I ever imagined as a little girl, but could never afford, or create. Maryann, you are so talented!!! Great job everyone on the dioramas.

  6. poliogirl2194752 says:

    GORGEOUS..every pic helps my day to be brighter! Thanks again, for sharing with all!! HUGS from me to everyone!!

  7. cathy gabel says:

    love the pics. keep them coming

  8. Barbara Batchelder says:

    Fabulous photos, everyone! I love all Maryann’s furnishings and how people have used them. Wonderful!

  9. dal says:

    So lucky are the collectors who own “Welcome Home”. Maryann is a true artist. Love all the furniture and the collector pics!

  10. Thanks for adding my photo to the Collector Cachet. These photos are inspiring. I am crazy for your work Maryann. Thanks for giving us all such fun things to play with 🙂

  11. lisa mcdonald says:

    Love the doll with the bun, creamy white dress and hose, and valley of the doll book. Does anyone know what doll this is?

    1. maryannroy says:

      Hi Lisa,
      That’s Kari’s custom Poppy Doll . Isn’t she FAB?! She was given new life by Matt Sutton!

      1. lisa mcdonald says:

        I’m not sure who Kari and Matt are…but the doll is awesome. I wish I was that talented.

  12. Joane Klein says:

    These are so fabulous! Couldn’t have enjoyed my view more!

  13. Linda Garza says:

    Very enjoyable! Your attention to the meticulous detail is just wonderful & a great inspiration to those of us who still love our dolls & dollhouses!

  14. Marsha says:

    WOW! Beautiful…just beautiful. Marsha, Enchanticals

  15. Ron Irwin........I live in Provincetown, Massachusetts!! says:

    Every single one of these pics were so beautiful!!! The imagination some of you have never stops amazing me!! The attention to detail you ALL have is so wonderful!! I would love to live in any one of these rooms!! I am in the process of moving but when I get moved in I hope to update my collection with some fantastic things from Mayann and post some pictures too. ALL of you are a wonderful inspiration!! Thanks for pictures!!! They really make my day and make me smile!! (And jealous!! LOL!!!)… Ron

  16. I Love the tall red head standing in front of the copper fireplace!!! Her dress is beautiful!! Her hair with the topknot is flawless!!! However, the flames in the fireplace….genius!!!!

  17. Dawb says:

    Omg , all of these are absolutely beautiful . I can’t wait to do my diorama . Thanks Maryann. These couldn’t be so amazing if wasn’t for your beautiful designing .

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