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Maryann Roy – Restoration Services for Vintage/Current Fashion Dolls 

(Barbie, Silkstone,Tressy, Tammy, Mitzi, Lili, Miss Revlon and more!)

 Prices/services updated  January 2020

 * Please note that all of my paints are hand mixed to match existing and/or resemble original colors.  I have over 20 years of experience with fashion doll restoration and care for each doll as if it were my own.

BEFORE and AFTER photos at the bottom of this page.     Inquiries:


General Doll Cleaning – Face and Body only (hair not included) : $20


Hair Services:

Hair Set –  Hair is washed, set and restyled to original set :  $40

 Special Hair styles : $55 and Up – Style samples : Braided Up-do w/pearls, French Twist w/curls, Beehive,  Curled Up-do,  Bun , etc.


Paint Services : 

Eyebrows  –  Restoration (both brows): $20    New Eyebrows (both)  : $40

 Eyes  –  Restoration (inc. lash ridges/ iris) $20   New/Repainted or custom (inc. lash ridges/iris): $40

 Eye Lash Ridges –  both eyes  :  $15 

Eye Liner – Custom mixed to match existing color – both eyes : $20

 Lips  – Restoration (matched to existing color) $25    Restored (new lips) : $35 (nostril dots included)

Nostril dots only- (vintage Barbie) – $15.00 to match existing lip paint.  

Cheek Blush – Enhanced or Added :$15 

Nail and Toe Paint  –  Fingernails only: $15 / Toenails only :$15 

Mani/Pedi:  $25   (Matching existing paint or new color )


Vinyl Re-coloring – Mod – Twist and Turn dolls :

 Facial re-color  – Entire face : $40 – Includes enhancing or adding blush

 Facial Spot(s) recolor : $15 and up depending on number of spots. Includes blush if appropriate

 Vinyl Arms re-color :  $40 (both arms)


* Best Deal !  –   If your doll needs a little of everything (Cleaning, Hair, Makeup, paint restoration)  I recommend :

 “The Works” :    $75 per doll –  Doll receives the ultimate spa treatment!  Doll cleaning, Hair washed, set, and returned to original style, any and all paint restoration, including new eyebrows, lips, eyes, finger/toe polish, and/or any necessary painting. Leg straightening if necessary.  Blush complimentary if requested.   These services sold separately = $95 +

“The Works” DO NOT include any vinyl repairs or vinyl re-coloring.


Custom Work:  If you would like your doll “re-imagined” (term I coined for my work on reproduction Barbie dolls)  : $90 and up.  This includes total face repaint (typically to resemble vintage Barbie) custom coloring, custom hair styling, nail/toe paint.  


Vinyl Repair –  

I am no longer taking dolls for green ear treatment, nor any dolls that require neck split repairs. 

 Nose Nip repair  : $25  *Need to see photos prior to committing.

 Molded Lash Ridge repair : $25  – repair includes repainting . * Need to see photos prior to committing.

 Body/Leg straightening :  $15 – This may be included if other services are being rendered

 Vinyl Stains – May be addressed during warm months of the year. Price depends on amount of staining.  Please inquire.


* Please note that I will need to see your dolls before I commit to a total. The prices above are general but may need to be adjusted according to your dolls’ needs.

Prices do not include return shipping or insurance.

 As always, please feel free to email me with any questions:

 Thank you!  Maryann


With over 20 years of experience restoring vintage fashion dolls, you can imagine the amount of before/after photos I have!  Here is just a smattering of before and after for you to see:

Vintage Dolls :




After: – Also experimenting with color : 








brownette3 copy





















“Re-Imagined” Barbie Reproductions









Silkstone Before: 




Inquiries about my work:


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