Mid Century Modern House – OOAK Spectacular !

MCM Dwelling  – Two rooms of mid-century modern living for your mid-century modern gal !


The newest One Of A Kind set from Welcome Home features not only a Living Room and a Dining Room, but a two-sided, see-through fireplace as well ! Yes,  it’s big, it’s grand, it’s colossal !


The Dining Room furnishings are bold, colorful, and reflect a truly modern space. The dining room wall is free-standing, features recessed lighting and is painted in a warm burnt sienna color –  A very popular look of the day.

The sideboard  is painted a  playful Chartreuse with over-sized floral drawer pulls . Upon it, some colorful treasures : vases, bowl and metal sculpture.

Above the sideboard, hangs an original piece of art entitled “Satellite” by  Jenn Ski *.


Dark brown table and chairs anchor the room with their sleek styling and pop of  blue and green cushions.  On the floor rests a beautifully textured area rug in multiple hues of orange and cream.


Making its own statement in the room is the large open style fireplace that really lights!  Fabulous Adrian Pearsall style clock decorates the wall above.


In the Living Room you will find more mid-century modern styling.


Another free-standing wall in the same warm burnt sienna hues, features two large windows with built-in planters. Modern cloth wall hanging in an abstract print dresses the wall. Against it, a colorful see through side board where one might show off their favorite collectibles or use as a cocktail cabinet. The sideboard is a single piece and features copper hair pin legs. It can be moved about in the home wherever you like.



Seating abounds in this living space !

Two single armed “sister sofas” in aqua linen, feature tapered legs and tufted cushion backs.  Angle them together for cozy chats, or set them apart for a totally different look in the room.  Pairing with the two is the accent table with built-in lighting feature!  Tubular style light with floral shade makes a sweet companion.

Smaller version of the dining room rug, makes the space a little more cozy.



On this side of the grand fireplace, we get a true feel for the size.  Ample hearth makes for yet another seating arrangement for those fabulous causal get-togethers.  Made softer by the addition of throw pillows.

Above the hearth, a hand-made “metal” sculpture in shades of brass with copper detailing.



The grand fireplace features hand-made flame and lights from beneath.  It is purposely made in two pieces. The hearth with lights being one piece and the brick fireplace the second piece.  You can remove the fireplace from the base to obtain the look of an open flame hearth, OR you can move the fireplace to one of the free-standing walls giving yet another look all together.



Possibilities abound with this set !  Set it up any way you like. Mix and match the walls, and the furnishings. Move the fireplace to your liking.  Use as many or as few of the pieces as you wish. Create a look all your own, and all your dolls’ own !

“MCM Dwelling” is perfect for any 12″ fashion doll !   Here’s Barbie modeling in the space for you ! :









DOLL IS NOT INCLUDED .  Barbie’s ensemble by Pam Seeman –  Paintbox Designs: http://www.paintboxdesigns.net/

* Added 12-28  :

Since this set has lighting features, I decided to photograph this evening so that you could get a better feel for how “ALIVE” it looks with the lights on !










MCM Dwelling  comes with the following :

Dining Room :

One free-standing dining room wall with recessed lighting (bulbs included)

Wall size approximately 16″ H x 24″ W x 2″ D

Dining Room Table with 4 chairs

Area rug

Side board with floral drawer pulls (drawers do not open)

Original (miniaturized) art print “Satellite”  by Jenn Ski *

Silver bowl

Small red bowl

Two vases

Metal sculpture

Adrian Pearsall-style Wall Clock

Living Room:

One free-standing living room wall with windows and built-in planters

Wall size approximately 16″H x 24″ W x 2″ D

Mod Cloth Wall Art

See through Sideboard with hair pin legs

Accessories for sideboard : bowls, bottles, vases and books

Sister Sofas (2) in aqua with 6 colorful pillows

Accent table with built-in light (bulb included)

Lamp shade (tubular)

Area rug

“Metal” Wall Art sculpture

Fireplace :

Free standing brick fireplace (1 piece)  Approximate height off base 14″H x  12″ W

Fire place base – free-standing with built-in lighted flame (2nd piece) – approximate size 18″ L x 8″ W x 2″ H

Put together, fireplace stands 16″ H x 18″ W

Two sections of  hand-made “flame” one for either side.

(Lighting components neatly hidden underneath base. Batteries to light flame included).


Thanks to all who bid and inquired !


* If you would like to know more about “Welcome Home” or be placed on my First To Know List, please contact me at:  welcomehome@maryannroy.com





10 Comments Add yours

  1. Nora Chavez says:

    I love this house. I’m ready to move in. I have a very long living room and am trying to see if I can rearrange my stuff to look like this, including creating a faux fireplace. It’s so sexy and cozy.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Would love to see if you accomplish this Nora!

  2. dolldoc says:

    How do I buy the sectional couch?

  3. Melinda says:

    Wow! You are so talented! Loved looking at your creations!

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Melinda!

  4. Mary B Suchopar says:

    Maryann, I am mesmerized by your “Welcome Home” Barbie houses! I still have my original Barbie doll (Blond, bubble hair style, no bending legs and my sister’s original Midge). I also have the first fold-out Barbie Dream House. Your designs leave me speechless.
    Very sincerely,
    Mary S.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you Mary! I hope you will follow along either here and email me to be put on my First To Know list: maryann@ntplx.net

  5. Belinda Pompa says:

    Maryann, Your designs are amazing! Love all the colors and details.

    1. maryannroy says:

      Thank you so much!!

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