When Walls Matter

As much as I love designing furniture and all the little accessories that make a house a home, it  occurred to Me that the walls these pieces reside in are equally important.

When I create suites of furniture to sell, I am inclined to show them in some sort of dwelling.  This showcases  the purpose of each piece and its necessity in a room.  While furniture is the main ingredient in creating a certain look or style, it is just as  important that the surrounding walls evoke the same sentiment.   Your dwelling and the treasure in it, should play off of one another so that the end result is a complete and beautiful picture.

While I may be working on a less than human (1:6)scale, the principles  for the best advantage and look of a room, remain the same.

In the next two weeks, I will be completing the following 3  “Dream Rooms”. These miniature dwellings are based on some  favorite  interior photos that I have saved over the years.  Yet, each one has My own personal touch.

As this is a rather large undertaking (working on 3 different rooms at the same time) I decided on a different approach to start building.   While it would be normal for me to create a structure and then the furnishings one at a time, I decided to build all 3 structures first and then surprise you all with the furnishings, accessories and the final result once all three are complete.

Walls do matter !  By looking at these 3 empty rooms, you can get a feel for what each room is saying and what each room might look like when it is fully furnished and decorated.

Each of these rooms will be for sale once completed.  Stay tuned to see the end results !


Dream Room #1






Dream Room #2






Dream Room # 3

b1 copy

b2 copy

b3 copy

b4 copy


Email : welcomehome@maryannroy.com




More Pictures of “Welcome Home Barbie” – Auction Ends tonight !

Hello Everyone

Taking advantage of my last chance to photograph this One Of A Kind Set and  had some fun with it today.

Again, the walls are free standing, and separate (not attached) to each other, so this allows for many different looks.  Use your imagination and add your own detail to bring Barbie to Life in her very own Dream Home !

A reminder that the silent auction ends tonight, 3-27-14, at Midnight (12:00 pm) EST.  Please see the post below for all bidding details.   For any questions or more information, email me at :  welcomehome@maryannroy.com

DOLL NOT INCLUDED :  “Barbie’s outfit by Hilda Westervelt – Bellissima Couture : http://bellissimacouturefashions.wordpress.com/

Take a look at how different the set appears as you move walls and furniture.  I truly had fun photographing this set with Fashion Editor Silkstone – a favorite of mine !

Happy Bidding !

















“Welcome Home Barbie” – One Of A Kind Spectacular !

I am Wrapping up My Barbie Birthday Celebration with this spectacular One Of A Kind set !

“Welcome Home Barbie”  is My personal take on the New Barbie Dream House originally issued in 1965.  While that set also included  Bedroom and Patio areas, this set concentrates on the Living Room and Kitchen of the home, as these are my favorite spaces to showcase how your dolls might live!

“Welcome Home Barbie”  features 3 sectional walls  that are all independent of one another (not attached) and are free-standing. This feature allows you to move walls at will and use them in different combinations.  AND because each section (Window wall, Fireplace wall and Kitchen wall) are not attached, they can each be used as separate backdrops allowing multiple looks and set ups for display as well as photo opportunities !

You will notice the Welcome Home style and touch on this set, but I did keep the original flavor of the New Barbie Dream House so that it is reminiscent of the original, yet totally one of a kind and life-like !

Take a look at all “Welcome Home Barbie” has to offer !




The Kitchen Wall does double duty as it is two-sided.  On one side, the brick walled Kitchen with counter top and cabinets (cabinets do no open).  On the other, built-in nook to showcase treasures and “pass through” with shutters.   Nook AND  pass through feature built-in lighting !

The Window Wall  lets in plenty of natural light and features beautiful drapery with built-in valance. Yes – You CAN close the drapes for privacy!

The Fireplace Wall  is covered in painted field stone  - totally RETRO and the fireplace lights !


Here is the set at night :










“Welcome Home Barbie”   One Of A Kind Set includes :

3 Free Standing fully decorated walls :

Window Wall – with drapery -Approximate size: 15″h x 16 1/2″ w x 2″ d

Fireplace Wall – with “fire” and lighting capability – Approximate size : 15″h x 10″w x 2″ d

Kitchen/Living Wall – double-sided with built ins and lighting capability – Approximate size : 15″h x 14″ w x 2″d

Upholstered Curved Sofa – With assorted colorful pillows. Sofa features curved styling and tapered legs.

Upholstered Curved Chair – Pink with orange pillow. Chair features curved styling and tapered legs.

Upholstered Curved Chair – Green (matches drapes) with pink pillow. Chair features curved styling and tapered legs.

Floor Lamp with paper shade – (shade matches built-in nook paper)

2 Round Accent Tables

Table Accessories – 3 magazines (do not open) 2 metal floral dishes

Pearsall style Wall Clock –  RETRO and totally cool !

2 Kitty Cat pictures – Copied from the original Dream House

Large greenery branch – Can be adhered to fireplace wall for a different look if you choose

Kitchen/Living Room Divider – Shelving for Kitchen or charming room divider – painted

Shelving accessories : 3 Cook Books (do not open), 3 Miscellaneous Books  (do not open), pink round metal dish, 2 yellow bowls, 1 orange wooden dish, 2 wooden “pots”, blue glass bottle, pink vase with greens.

Living Room Nook Shelving – Lights up and includes all of the glass/metal treasures inside. 9 pieces in all !

Pink corrugated folding shutters (durable stock paper)

Set of wall “Kitty Kats” – A favorite ! Also Hand made and sculpted by Yours Truly !

2 Upholstered Kitchen chairs

Kitchen Table

Pink metal ornamental table dish

4 LED element lights for Nook, Pass Through and Fireplace + 4 replacement lights.


*FLOOR IS NOT INCLUDED – BUT, you can achieve this same look by placing your set on a dark table or shelf !

*DOLL IS NOT INCLUDED - You supply the model folks ! :)


Here are some photos of Barbie “living” in the space !





This set was made with vintage Barbie in mind, however, it will fit any of your 12″ fashion dolls !





“Welcome Home Barbie ” is being offered through Silent Auction which will run from the time of this post – Tuesday 3-25-14, through midnight, Thursday EST.  Highest bidder will be notified by email of their win.

*Shipping is not included and is the responsibility of the winner. * Due to the fact that this is a One Of A Kind Original and of delicate nature, I will only ship to a United States or Canada address.  It will be packed and shipped via special packaging and delivered through UPS or FedEx. Expect shipping to be pricey because of the size of the set and necessary insurance on the final bid amount.

If you are out of the country, you may still bid, however, you must have a shipping address in the United States for delivery.  I apologize for any inconvenience. 

Instructions for bidding :

 Silent Auction bids will be taken via email : welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Bids will not be posted to the public. Your bid will only be known to Me. Identities of bidders will not be known to the public.

Email your bid to Me at : welcomehome@maryannroy.com

In your email, please include your bid amount, contact information, shipping information and if you wish to be contacted when you are outbid.

Because bids will not be posted to the public, if you would like to know if you are currently the high bidder, please ask, otherwise only the winner will be notified of their win.

High bidder wins the auction, and will be notified via email on Friday morning 3-28-14 so please make sure your contact information is correct when corresponding. Shipping will be added to your total once calculated at auctions end, through The Packaging Depot.

*Your bid is considered a binding contract and you will be required to pay within 2 days from end of the auction. Winner will be notified through email at auctions end.

If you cannot pay within the 2 days required, please do not bid.  No holds on this item.

Please direct any and all questions to Me at: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Thank you!






Added 3-26 – Purely for FUN, Here are some of the photos in black and white, giving this set a 1960′s feel !













 Welcome Home  - “Add a little LIFE to your display”

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“Barbie Moderne” – A Barbie Birthday Celebration !

In celebration of Barbie’s 55th birthday, Welcome Home has created a line of furniture based on the original Mattel Danish Modern furnishings from 1958.

You may recall that the original pieces were introduced prior to the Barbie doll and scaled to smaller (10 1/2″) dolls.  I have redesigned  some of these to better fit 11 1/2″ dolls and have given them an updated look – a “Welcome Home Flair” – if you will !  A simplistic, yet stylish line of furnishings that reflect Barbies’ rise to popularity.

Celebrating with furniture is the Welcome Home way !  In light of Barbie’s 55th birthday, all selections  in the “Barbie Moderne” line are only  $55.00 !!    This is a special, one time only event !

“Barbie Moderne”  - An affordable, stylish line of furnishings tailored to the young, upcoming professional.  Straight lines, yet full of character, these pieces can be dressed up by the simple addition of  colorful accessories or painted surroundings.




These darling pieces can be arranged or re-arranged at will. Dressed up with accessories or moved around in different settings.

Envision your choice of pieces for your dolls – A dining area, or a living area ?  Credenza and chairs or a sofa set ?  The choices are up to you !  Arrange and re-arrange at will .  Purchase as many as you desire.  “Barbie Moderne”  fits your dolls’ life style !  Choose any piece for only $55.00!

Sofa with seat cushion and bolster pillow – Left Arm  (as you sit) – $55.00 


Sofa with seat cushion and bolster pillow – Right arm (as you sit) – $55.00


Accent/Sofa Table with Table Lamp - $ 55.00 


Dinette Table with tabletop planter – $55.00


Pair (2) of Dinette chairs with covered seat cushion- $55.00 per pair (2 chairs)


Credenza – Perfect, go anywhere accent piece with 3 drawer , woven textile front  (drawers do not open) $55.00


A young fashion model on a budget, still needs to live and work in style! With these beautiful, affordable pieces, she can do just that!  You can design a living space for Barbie that brings her to life !  With the addition of some colorful walls and a few well-chosen accessories, Barbie will celebrate her birthday in style !

Imagine if you will …



Or – Re-arrange! :


Here’s how your doll will look with her new furnishings !





Don’t shy away if you collect modern Barbie or Silkstone!  These pieces will fit any 12″ doll !

Remember, choices are up to you ! You can be Barbie dolls’ personal Interior Decorator with the help of Welcome Home pieces.  Add your own touches to personalize your dream for your display !

Order your “Barbie Moderne” pieces today !


* To order – email : welcomehome@maryannroy.com



* Prior to placing your order, please note that orders may take 4-6 weeks to fulfill .  Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice which will be emailed to you via PayPal. 

When ordering, please provide your zip code and insurance wishes for shipping calculation.

Orders will be limited and are taken on a first come, first served basis.

Please direct any questions to Me at: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Happy Birthday Barbie!


* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.

Coming Soon – Barbie Moderne !

“Barbie Moderne” – Sale coming this Sunday, March 9th at 2:00 pm EST

Sneak Peeks




“Barbie Moderne” …

Just finished creating this new space which is now awaiting new furnishings and accessories in celebration of Barbie’s 55th.   You’ll be able to purchase these new furnishings too !

Coming soon !





Barbie doll will turn 55 on March 9th !  She is re-decorating to mark this occasion and has asked Welcome Home to design some special sets just for her!

Stay tuned!

Food for the Creative Soul

I was reminded today, by a friend who also works in the miniature realm, of the importance of Play.

I have been so caught up in my work recently, that I had actual pangs of jealousy to hear how others were spending their down time. Whether it be enjoying the company of friends, escaping from the day-to-day by taking a trip or the sheer pleasure of enjoying their own collections. – What you and I, as doll collectors, might call “Play Time”.

My friend suggested that we all need this in order to function better. I may seem dense at times,(I prefer to call that focused), but it set the literal light bulb off in my head!  He was right. This releases stress, conjures up good feelings and sets your focus on something a little more light heart-ed.

Now, I love what I do. But this is why it is so easy for Me to get into a  rhythm of seriousness and work and work and work.  You know the old adage  “All work and no play”…

So I decided to take a breather, and not take Myself so seriously -  for today anyway. Below are the results of My “Play Time”.  I am posting just for fun. We all need this food for the soul .

And if in fact you are thinking of releasing a little of your creativeness, you might want to enter Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazines’  Interior Design Contest.  Not only are the prizes spectacular, but it’s an opportunity to decompress, show  your talent and feel good about yourself. You will be judged by true professionals in Interior Design and Architecture !   I encourage you to let your inner designer show !

Deadline approaching fast !  So go here for more details : http://fdqmedia.com/

AND- Don’t forget to PLAY People !


funafun1fun2fun3fun6 IMG_7239 copy

Taking Orders for “RETRO-Spective” !

Hello Everyone,
“RETRO-Spective” has Sold Out!

Because of the overwhelming response, I have decided to take a limited number of orders for this set.

Your choices are as follows:  BEIGE, CELADON or RED* – *I can only take 2 orders for the Red set, as this is remnant material and I am unable to get any more.

*Please note that when you order,invoices are DUE UPON RECEIPT. This secures your order.
Because of the time involved to make these, and depending on the amount of orders, it may take up to 4 weeks for your order to be ready to ship.

“RETRO-Spective” fits 12″ dolls – from vintage to today’s contemporary dolls!

Sets are $225.00 each  (Does not include shipping)   NOW  SOLD OUT !    NO MORE ORDERS PLEASE !

Please email me to order: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Here are some new photos for your enjoyment !

Thank you!
Maryannad1ad2ad3ad5red3 copy

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“RETRO-Spective” !

Hello Everyone – I am delighted to announce this newest sectional suite of furniture from Welcome Home – “RETRO-Spective” !

As the name implies, this suite of furniture has a retro look to it, but with curvaceous lines  and gorgeous upholstery it looks  just as perfect in the modern world !

“RETRO-Spective” Set includes : Sofa sectional  - Two sofas, Round Accent Table, Gold Accent Lamp and Wall Clock.

Color/Upholstery choices ! –  There are 3 color choices.  Choose  Beige, Celadon, or Red.

Fabrics are beautiful Waverly upholstery and work so well on the piece !

Beige - has multiple hues of off white, tan and cream in a textured,woven pattern.

Celadon - is a beautiful fabric with flocked dots ! Hue is a lovely pale green with yellow undertones.

Red - striking rich red with gold threads reflecting lots of light.

Sets are Limited as follows  :  - Beige – 2 sets available    SOLD OUT !

Celadon – 2 sets available   SOLD OUT !

Red    - 1 set available    SOLD OUT !


Beige Set :

cream copy

Celadon Set :

celadon copy

Red Set :

red copy

“RETRO-Spective”  features 3 separate pieces designed to fit together to give you the ultimate look in swanky sectionals !

The pieces can ALSO be set apart from one another to give a room several different looks!

Each set has two sofas, and a round accent table.  The sofas feature flowing lines, sculpted pillow back cushions and metal embellishments. Bases are painted black and feature tapered legs.

The accent table, is round, fitting perfectly into the equation, and is upholstered in coordinating fabric. Table  features a “marble” top, (hand painted to simulate), and is the perfect place for the accent lamp !  The lamp is gold with a vintage metal ball base and has a linen look shade – a sweet addition to set !

Finishing off the set, is my miniature recreation of an Adrian Pearsall style wall clock !  Complimenting the curves of the sectional, this beauty features oval shapes, with  wire detailing and copper hands. I’ve even given the piece an aged look to further enhance the vintage feel!

Beige Set -

cream2 copy

cream4 copy

cream5 copy

Red Set -

red2 copy

red copy

red3 copy

Celadon Set -

celadon copy

celadon3 copy

celadon2 copy


Curved lines – Each sectional has flowing lines and curves allowing all pieces to fit together like a puzzle. Tapered legs are also featured.curves copy

Cushion backs are sculpted to accommodate a metal embellishment on each sofa .

embellish copy

Accent Table is round fitting the puzzle perfectly and has hand painted “marble” top.

marble copy

Pearsall -style Wall Clock – totally Atomic!

clock copy

collect2 copy

collect copy

“RETRO-Spective” Set includes :  Sofa sectional – Two upholstered Sofas, upholstered Accent Table , Table Lamp and Pearsall style Wall Clock.

Debut price :  $225.00   - Price does not include shipping.   NOW SOLD OUT !

For ordering and availability, please email Me :  welcomehome@maryannroy.com

* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.

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