“Up-Town Chic “

To some people, mid-century modern styling may seem a bit cold, and stiff looking.

Today, I’d like to show you that MCM can also be quite glamorous !

“Up-Town Chic combines several elements in its design that render this one of a kind set to be anything but cold and uninviting !

This set is being offered via Silent Auction which runs from the time of this post – Wednesday, 10-8-14, until 12:00 MIDNIGHT (EST) on Friday, 10-10-14 .




This two-story glory, has so much to offer that I am going to let photos speak for themselves and list all that is included after the photos below.

Silent Auction instructions are also listed below.  Please feel free to contact Me with any questions or comments.


Because of the sets’ fabulous design and numerous pieces included,  “Up-Town Chic” can be set up in at least THREE different ways !  Of course, once you own the set, the choice is up to you !

Decor # 1






Decor # 2






Decor # 3




“Up-Town Chic”  Includes :

Set structure – 2 Walls approximately 16″h x 24″w, (1 windowed wall with stone accent and 1 wall painted w/wooden beam). 1 painted wall approximately 16″h x 10″ w

1 FREE STANDING Fireplace wall approximately 16″h x 12″ w x 2″ d.  Fireplace wall includes built fireplace with lighting capability, “fire” andirons.  Two wall planters -(detachable)

1 Raised floor – painted, approximately 10″w x 24″l x 2.5″ h

1 set of  stairs  (2 steps) – painted

1 carpet – approximately 30″ l x 18″ w

2 Gold metal embellished rails – 1 long, 1 short. Free standing and unattached for moving capability.


1 Sofa – Purple/Yellow/Grey Floral upholstery. Sofa has tapered leg styling . Wood painted cream.

(6 colorful pillows included)

2 Chairs – Yellow Embroidered upholstery . Chairs have tapered legs with lean back styling. Wood painted cream.

(4 colorful pillows included)

1 Ottoman – Purple brocade upholstery.  Oval shape with tapered legs. Wood painted cream.

1 Accent Table – Winter Grey paint and clear acrylic design.

1 Lamp – Gold base with purple brocade fabric shade.

1 Credenza – Winter Grey paint, clear acrylic legs and gold metal oval embellishments.

3 accessory jars – 1 champagne glass, 2 gold/white plastic.

1 Wall Art – Created from the very fabric used on the sofa, with a little artistic manipulation printed to paper and mounted, by yours truly.

1 Wall Clock – MCM design. Painted gold . (Hands do not move)

1 Floor plant

1 tube style light for “up-lighting” behind the plant.


To represent scale and so you can imagine YOUR doll living in this fantastic space, here is Barbie showing you how it’s done.


Here are NEW PHOTOS OF THE SET ADDED 10-9 !  – Set also has an “up-light” for the plant ! 













Thank you to all who inquired and bid !

Please direct any and all questions to Me at: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Thank you for considering this very special, ONE OF A KIND suite!




 Welcome Home  – “Add a little LIFE to your display”

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Coming Soon …

Working on fabrics for the new set . Definitely going more toward the glamorous side!

Here’s a peek !




“Scribble” idea from below taking shape.  I thought I would post in black in white, so I don’t give away any colors – just yet !  Funny how sometimes ideas take on a life of their own and may go in another direction…






Here is an inspirational “scribble” that I think, projects the next best thing from Welcome Home.  Do you see it ?

When I get inspired, it might be a  photo, a movie, or a song.  Scribbling (as I call it) what I see in my minds’ eye, helps me decide what  I would like to offer next .  This is for reference only, as sometimes, once I start the creating process, it takes on a life of its own and so,  I wonder what the end result will be ? …


Prototype pieces and sets available




Thanks to all who purchased !!


Hello All

As mentioned yesterday, these pieces were created in preparation to my “Little Bit of Joy” sale.  These are perfectly lovely pieces, no issues, just made to try out shape/materials etc.

I am letting some structures go as well, since I need to make space in my work room for new projects.

These pieces are limited. What I list is what there is, no more. So when they are gone, they are gone.

Please take the time to read each description and ask me any questions.  Thank you so very much for your continued interest in my work !


Maryann – welcomehome@maryannroy.com



STRUCTURES – These special sets are designs that I have built by hand to use in photo shoots, magazine articles a/o sales.   Because of size and delicate nature of these structures they will be shipped separately and not with any other pieces you may purchase. Thank you for understanding.

Stone Wall with Fireplace :  Two wall structure consists of : 1 Stonewall with built-in fireplace  and built-in window with shelf like sill. 1 Painted (coral pink) wall with wooden “beam”. Both walls are FREE STANDING and finished on both sides  and edges (see photos) which allows you to use walls in several different ways . Very versatile !

Set also includes “fire” and LED light  for fireplace.  Wall sizes – Both walls measure approx. 20″ w x 16″h  x 2″ d

This set has a charm all its own !  Can be used in so many different ways – And your own walls/dividers and pieces to get even more looks!

$300.00 – plus shipping.   ONLY ONE      SOLD !



Back of walls :backs



2 Tier “Apartment” -Set consists of 3 walls, (1 blue windowed wall, 2 yellow walls) raised floor and stairs.  – Blue wall measures approx. 24″w x 16″h . Yellow walls measure approx. 12″w x 16″ h. Walls surround raised level floor which measures approx. 23 3/4″ w x 8″ d x 2 1/8″h.  Stairs are not attached to raised floor so these may be placed where you wish.

Walls finished on inside and edges only (not finished outside). Walls DO NOT stand on their own.  Use a small piece of painters tape behind each to hold securely in place.  Because this set is collapsible, you can stack it  and easily store it away.

This set holds many possibilities !  You may have seen me use it on several occasions! Add your own walls/pieces to make it go further!

$300.00 plus shipping – ONLY ONE   SOLD !



Stacked for storage:stairapt3



Cosby Sectional Sofa in AMBER  –  Cordova fabric –  $110.00 plus shipping  ONLY ONE  SOLD !




Cosby Chairs –   ONE OF EACH COLOR  -  $65.00 per chair plus shipping

Left to right :    FLAX      SOLD                 CORAL     SOLD!                                OATMEAL  SOLD!

chairsLeft  :   GRASS GREEN   SOLD !                                Right:  PICANTE     SOLD !

chairs2Credenza – Hand painted cork front.  A very artsy piece !   $ 55.00 plus ship   ONLY ONE    SOLD!

credenzaMILES WALL UNIT – $85.00 plus shipping  – ONLY ONE    SOLD !


Sandburg Table – Sweet H shaped table with green “glass” acrylic top – $ 55.00 each    SOLD OUT!



Cosby Sofa  – Fabric : Key Largo Teal - $85.00 plus shipping  ONLY ONE    SOLD !


tealbackCosby Sofa – Fabric : Cordova Turquoise   $85.00 plus shipping  ONLY ONE      SOLD !



Wall Art – STOVALL – Large  8″ l x 2 3/4″ h  –     SOLD OUT!


Wall Art – SPEAR – Medium  5 1/4″ l x 2 3/4″ h –  $50.00 plus shipping   ONLY ONE     SOLD!

spearPillow Packs –  2 pillows per pack .  Choose from   Gold/Floral   OR   Teal/Swirl    $20.00 per pack   plus shipping.    2  of each set available     SOLD OUT!



Please email me for availability or any questions.   Thank you !





 Welcome Home  – “Add a little LIFE to your display”

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Prototype, pieces and sets available

My “Little Bit of Joy” sale was a rousing success!  Thanks to all who participated!

Preparing for such a large undertaking means calculating, building and trying out new things.  In light of this, I have some prototype pieces  available from said sale.

If you missed out on  a “Little Bit of Joy”, here’s a chance to pick up a piece or two!

Please stop by tomorrow ( Wed. 9-17) to see what’s available. I may be letting go of walls/structures too!



In Celebration ! – * Re-post about one of my favorite Interior Designers

New Style has come to the Welcome Home Blog! Change is good for the soul!  Well, my soul anyway. It refreshes my spirit and renews my creative inspiration for design.

In celebration, I am posting my first article about 1:6 scale furniture design, published in Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine, Summer 2008 – “The Glamour Issue”.

For those of you who have never seen this article, I hope you enjoy it. It was wonderful to do the research and find out about, not only the furniture and design, but the man behind the vision as well.

For those of you who have seen this article, I hope you will revisit it with new eyes and enjoy it once again.

Happy Fall Everyone !


The Glamour of William Haines

Furniture, Text and Photography by: Maryann Roy

When most people think of the word glamour, I’ll bet furniture is the furthest thing from their minds. But I’d like to introduce you to a man who not only brought modernism to the homes of Hollywood Stars, but who dared to step out on a limb and show his true love of glamour through his furniture and decorating skills.

Renowned for both his talent and professionalism, William Haines began his career acting in movies, not designing. While still under contract to MGM in the 1930’s, Haines opened an antiques store, which many of his Hollywood colleagues frequented. They were so impressed with his taste that soon they were asking him to decorate their own homes.

William, or Billy, as he was known to his friends, had an eye for detail. His experience with set design, combined with his studio connections, provided the necessary celebrity to launch his transition from “Actor” to “Decorator”.

His list of clientele included quite a number of famous and influential people in Hollywood, like, The Warners, The Bloomingdales, George Cukor, George Burns and Gracie Allen to name just a few.

One of his dearest and closet friends was Joan Crawford. She was the first to hire William Haines on a professional basis to decorate her new house. She would call on him many times over their long friendship to decorate and refresh her homes.

George Cukor (famous Hollywood director of such classic films like: Dinner at Eight, Camille and Adam’s Rib) had William decorate his residence in the Hollywood Hills. This put Haines reputation on the map.  Cukor’s home was an absolute palace! One very glamorous, stately mansion overlooking the hills, where all of Hollywood’s top stars would congregate and socialize. Free advertising, no doubt!

The “Haines Look” though, did not develop until he was asked to design a room setting for the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco in 1939. The room had a totally modern feel to it, from the leather floor and sheer mohair curtains to the felt and leather sofa and rawhide coffee table. Being asked to design one of these rooms for the exposition, along with many other established modernists, meant that Haines was officially recognized as one of the country’s leading designers.

His movement into modernism led the way for others. He truly brought Hollywood out of the Dark Ages.

In 1949, William built a new design office with room for designers, architects, and draftsmen, paving the way for the brilliant work that was yet to come in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Haines furniture was low and comfortable, making rooms look larger, feel more grand and spacious.  He believed a room should have several seating areas where everyone would feel included. One of his signature styles was to include a gemütlich* table. It enabled a more intimate gathering place for socializing and card playing.

William also had a love of Chinoiserie*. He quite frequently decorated interiors using pieces like Chinese figurines, statues, and wall murals. He would also transform sculptures into one of- a- kind-lamps. This too became a signature accessory in his interior designs. Always a stickler for detail, he would even have holes drilled into tables so that the lamp cords would not be visible.

His grand style had a lighter, more cosmopolitan look and from then on was known as “Hollywood Regency” – Movie Stars living like Stars.

One could totally get lost in William Haines’ world. His talent for showing glamour and style is literally timeless. Many of his pieces look as fresh today as they did nearly 50 years ago. This shows a man of great insight who was way ahead of his time.

When asked to give his opinion on the importance of taste, William Haines replied: “I can only tell you this-I would rather have taste than either love or money.”

*Gemütlich – pronounced : ge-‘müt-lik – agreeably pleasant, comfortable

*Chinoiserie – pronounced – shēn-‘waz-rē – A style in Art reflecting Chinese quality.

Reference: Class Act – By Peter Shifando and Jean H. Mathison  – ISBN 0-9727661-4-6

William Haines Designs – www.williamhaines.com

All furniture and set recreations in 1:6 scale – Maryann Roy – welcomehome@maryannroy.com 

(My  favorite William Haines quote –  “Design is an opinion, not a profession.”)

REPOST : “Welcome Home Barbie” – One Of A Kind Spectacular !

Hello Everyone – Because of the online excitement over the photos of my OOAK Barbie Dream House, I thought it best to re-post the original sale for all to see.   This set sold via silent auction back in March of 2014 and was created in celebration of Barbie Doll’s 55th Birthday.

Enjoy the re-post!




I am  wrapping up My Barbie Birthday Celebration with this spectacular One Of A Kind set !

“Welcome Home Barbie”  is My personal take on the New Barbie Dream House originally issued in 1965.  While that set also included  Bedroom and Patio areas, this set concentrates on the Living Room and Kitchen of the home, as these are my favorite spaces to showcase how your dolls might live!

“Welcome Home Barbie”  features 3 sectional walls  that are all independent of one another (not attached) and are free-standing. This feature allows you to move walls at will and use them in different combinations.  AND because each section (Window wall, Fireplace wall and Kitchen wall) are not attached, they can each be used as separate backdrops allowing multiple looks and set ups for display as well as photo opportunities !

You will notice the Welcome Home style and touch on this set, but I did keep the original flavor of the New Barbie Dream House so that it is reminiscent of the original, yet totally one of a kind and life-like !

Take a look at all “Welcome Home Barbie” has to offer !




The Kitchen Wall does double duty as it is two-sided.  On one side, the brick walled Kitchen with counter top and cabinets (cabinets do no open).  On the other, built-in nook to showcase treasures and “pass through” with shutters.   Nook AND  pass through feature built-in lighting !

The Window Wall  lets in plenty of natural light and features beautiful drapery with built-in valance. Yes – You CAN close the drapes for privacy!

The Fireplace Wall  is covered in painted field stone  – totally RETRO and the fireplace lights !


Here is the set at night :










“Welcome Home Barbie”   One Of A Kind Set includes :

3 Free Standing fully decorated walls :

Window Wall – with drapery -Approximate size: 15″h x 16 1/2″ w x 2″ d

Fireplace Wall – with “fire” and lighting capability – Approximate size : 15″h x 10″w x 2″ d

Kitchen/Living Wall – double-sided with built ins and lighting capability – Approximate size : 15″h x 14″ w x 2″d

Upholstered Curved Sofa – With assorted colorful pillows. Sofa features curved styling and tapered legs.

Upholstered Curved Chair – Pink with orange pillow. Chair features curved styling and tapered legs.

Upholstered Curved Chair – Green (matches drapes) with pink pillow. Chair features curved styling and tapered legs.

Floor Lamp with paper shade – (shade matches built-in nook paper)

2 Round Accent Tables

Table Accessories – 3 magazines (do not open) 2 metal floral dishes

Pearsall style Wall Clock –  RETRO and totally cool !

2 Kitty Cat pictures – Copied from the original Dream House

Large greenery branch – Can be adhered to fireplace wall for a different look if you choose

Kitchen/Living Room Divider – Shelving for Kitchen or charming room divider – painted

Shelving accessories : 3 Cook Books (do not open), 3 Miscellaneous Books  (do not open), pink round metal dish, 2 yellow bowls, 1 orange wooden dish, 2 wooden “pots”, blue glass bottle, pink vase with greens.

Living Room Nook Shelving – Lights up and includes all of the glass/metal treasures inside. 9 pieces in all !

Pink corrugated folding shutters (durable stock paper)

Set of wall “Kitty Kats” – A favorite ! Also Hand made and sculpted by Yours Truly !

2 Upholstered Kitchen chairs

Kitchen Table

Pink metal ornamental table dish

4 LED element lights for Nook, Pass Through and Fireplace + 4 replacement lights.


*FLOOR IS NOT INCLUDED – BUT, you can achieve this same look by placing your set on a dark table or shelf !

*DOLL IS NOT INCLUDED - You supply the model folks ! :)


Here are some photos of Barbie “living” in the space !





This set was made with vintage Barbie in mind, however, it will fit any of your 12″ fashion dolls !









Added 3-26 – Purely for FUN, Here are some of the photos in black and white, giving this set a 1960’s feel !













 Welcome Home  – “Add a little LIFE to your display”

* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.



The Posh Penthouse

While  I’m busy working on orders from my JOYBIRD sale,  please enjoy a reprint of “The Post Penthouse” from Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine. (2013).


“Posh Penthouse”

Re-purposing  a Rarity…

Text, photography and set designs by: Maryann Roy


Many of you may not know that Mattel Toy Company offered some fabulous Eames style furniture in 1958. This is just prior to the introduction of the Barbie Doll. In those days, the most sought after fashion doll was 10- 10 1/2″  in height, and this furniture was perfectly tailored to them.

In the over 50+ years of play and storage, this forgotten treasure has become a rarity in itself. Perfectly crafted in every way, including opening  drawers and working components,  these pieces of decor history are now finding their way into collectors hearts .

For this presentation, I have taken the liberty to replace tired and worn upholstery, and re-purpose otherwise forgotten pieces to reflect the style to which they are accustomed .
Your focus in dolls may center around the 12″ or 16″ fashion doll. But, prior to 1959, and the introduction of the Barbie Doll, the “IT” gal was a mere 10″ – 10 1/2″ in stature.  And, until I started doing research for this article, I had no idea just how many there were! American Character offered Toni and Ginger, Ideal – Little Miss Revlon. Madame Alexander made Cissette, and a myriad 10″ dolls. Vogue had Jill and Jan while Horsman Cindy dolls were also quite popular.  Even with today’s contemporary dolls, this size can still be found  in Tonner’s Tiny Kitty, Madame Alexander’s Coquette, and The Ingénue lines, not to mention  hand made fashion dolls  like Persia Idols and Mdvanii.


To show you just how far this lovely little set of furniture can take  a doll collector, I’ve used the Mattel furniture to create a posh penthouse for my 10″ model. By adding some of my own pieces and a little decor know how, the penthouse took on a life of it’s own!  See if you can recognize these pieces in their new surroundings.

Peering in to see what’s going on, imagine if you will, a glorious abode for your favorite doll.





Modern, clean lines show off the stunning living room! The sofas have been given new life with stylish, yet inviting brocade cushions. The credenza anchors the far wall, perhaps housing some stereo equipment or reading material. It is flanked on either side by hostess style chairs that I made to reflect the Eames style. No matter where she stands, notice how all of the pieces are in perfect scale with the model. No heavy accessories are needed. A crystal beaded lamp, colorful area rug and two plants make perfect accents.

A long  windowed hallway is a perfect place to set up a display or collection of treasures. Here, a second credenza is being used in a different way. By sliding the door all the way to the left and hiding the drawers, shelves are now exposed that can be used to showcase any number of items. The once sliding door now appears to be one that swings open instead, making the piece look entirely different!


A Ladies Boudoir …Bold and colorful for my gal! The original coverlet used to hide the sleek lines of the bed. Now, with new linens tucked under the mattress in a more contemporary way, you can see the bed as it was meant to be seen. Low head boards were the style, and this one shows off it’s rattan trim.  The dresser pulls double duty as a vanity as well as storage for clothing . A bold black and white print rug and matching wall art add an element of surprise! Adding the pink voile chair rounds out this very feminine room.


vanity In the walk in closet, an extension of the bedroom, I’ve carried the color pallet by using the same rug and adding a blue tufted ottoman. The original wardrobe is now set among two side cabinets which help to store the many needed accessories my lady would have acquired over time. An open wardrobe makes it so much easier to choose an article of clothing!


The craftsmanship is so detailed and beautifully designed on all of the wooden Mattel furnishings that you don’t need a lot going on in any one area. Each piece speaks for itself. Yes,  Barbie doll lovers have adapted these pieces for Barbie over the years which is a loving tribute in itself, but using these modern style gems with the doll size they were designed for really makes you sit up and take notice!


By the way, there are more pieces to the Mattel Modern Furniture collection!

Two style dining sets, another living  room set with two sofas, coffee table end table and lighted lamp!  Be on the lookout for these treasures. They are hard to find, but, not impossible. With a little polish and a little love, they can take on a whole new look. While you are at it, check out some of the 10″ dolls too. Someone has to live in your penthouse!

Re-post from Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine 2013

 Welcome Home  – “Add a little LIFE to your display”

* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.