“Let’s Chat ! “

Now SOLD OUT !  Thank you Everyone !

NEW from Welcome Home !

“Let’s Chat ! ”  –  This darling chair is a recreation of a full-scale telephone chair that I spotted on FLICKR some time ago.  Its primary function of course, the perfect place to comfortably sit while chatting on your telephone.  Full Scale Original : telechair5

The hard-wired telephone is scarce today, but it’s for sure that our dolls still have their vintage communication devices, which makes this set perfect for any 12″ diva !

In case you do not own a telephone, this set still makes the perfect spot to sit and read or write a note to friends!







“Let’s Chat ! ” includes : The Chair with built-in table Upholstered in “Daisy” ( an era appropriate yellow textured fabric), Ming Vase with floral accent, two books (do not open) and a mid-century style wall clock !

Debut price :   $135.00 plus shipping   ( 9 sets available) –   SOLD OUT !

*Phone and doll are for demonstration purposes and not included .

To get your set, please email me at: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Quantities limited !


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More Joy ! – Joybird furniture that is !

Hello Everyone

I may have been scarce these last few weeks, but that is because I have been working on a special commission for the Joybird Furniture Company !

You may recall my “Little bit of Joy” sale from last August, featuring special pieces from the Joybird collection –


This collaboration has enabled Me to grow as an Artist and Furniture Designer. I am delighted to have had opportunities to work with them, and hope to do more in the near future.

The pieces shown below also utilize the actual upholstery fabrics that Joybird uses to make their glorious furniture ! (For people that is ! )

Here is the end result of another collaboration !



“Eliot” Sofa :

eliot1 copy

eliot2 copy

Hughes – Sofa and Chair : hughes1 copy

hughes4 copy

hughes2 copy

hughs3 copy



“Hobson” – Sofa and Chair :hobson1 copy

hobson2 copy

“Eastwood” – Sofa :

eastwood1 copy

eastwood2 copy

Find “Joybird” furniture for your home by going to :


Email Maryann at:


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“Stacked” – Revisiting the Bubble Cut hair style

Attention All Vintage Barbie Doll Collectors and Lovers of the Bubble Cut Barbie Doll : Did you know that the bubble cut hair-do can actually be styled in a different way ?!

For those who thought only the rounded style (thus the term “bubble” cut) would do on these lovely gals, I have news for you . I will show you that  THESE:

IMG_9755 copy

Can become THESE ! :collection

Introducing the “Beehive” !

My collector friend Jean and I recently noticed a few dolls on Ebay commanding a higher than normal buying price. Upon closer inspection of said dolls, we discovered their hair styles were not that of the typical “bubble cut” hair do. In fact, these dolls appeared to have hair with significant height and swirl effect as in a beehive or teased hair style. Some with an even more unusual bubble on bubble appearance like the Fashion Queen blonde wig. This prompted further investigation, so Jean and I decided to see if we could figure out just which dolls had this magical feature. Was it in fact ALL bubble cut Barbie dolls, and had we been totally ignorant of how to style their hair correctly all these years?!  Hmm…?



Judging from what we deem the regular style bubble cut, we noticed that these girls seem to have a unique rooting pattern that begins with a very tight swirl off to the side or toward the back of the right side of the dolls’ head .  While the bubble cut dolls’ hair is rooted so that the hair lays a certain way, these particular dolls seem to be rooted in one continuous circle expanding outward around the entire scalp.


In researching these gals and trying to determine which ones have this hidden coiffure we found that production year did not matter, nor did the hair color.  Dolls with the “Beehive” hair style have been found with 1961 markings as well as the later Barbie/Midge markings and each of these hair colors (Blonde, Brunette, and Titian) have been found with “Beehive” hair style as well.

What amuses me most is, that if Mattel’s’ original intent was the high beehive style when the dolls were first produced, their high hair would’ve prevented them from fitting into their original boxes! And this may be why today we occasionally find bubble cut dolls with flat tops to their hair style.

Check out this gal  BEFORE . Looks like the traditional Bubble hair style, right ?   goldbefore

Here she is  AFTER her comb through ! :



These same findings (years/hair colors) seem to exist for what we are calling the “bubble on bubble” hair style also. A real head turner, this doll has a few extra rows of longer hair rooted on the top of her head.  The hair is thick and when combed, appears as if a wig was placed on top of the hair, almost like a hat !

Example – BEFORE Comb out :


AFTER – BOOM ! : bonb3

Who knows how this unique style came into being? As there does not appear to be an abundance of these dolls, was this a manufacturing technique? Or the way a worker held a dolls’ head on the machine while it was being rooted?

Here’s a prime example of the “Bubble on bubble” .  I have since sold her, but now, how I WISH I had kept her !  She looks like she’s wearing a mink hat !



Since every bubble cut does not have this rooting pattern,( and believe me, we’ve tried to get many bubble cuts to do that swish), in order to find these very special gals, you must look carefully for clues and do a lot of combing hair ! A little sleuthing and a little know how and you may be surprised to find a STACKED beauty in your own collection !

Happy Hunting !



Text and photos by : Maryann Roy

Additional text and research : Jean Petrelli

Dolls from my personal collection.

Maryann Roy : welcomehome@maryannroy.com

“Glamour Puss”

Conjuring – to bring to mind by, or, as if by magic…

These glamorous pieces were made with Old Hollywood in mind.  May you be tempted to add some to your collection.

“Glamour Puss” Accessory sale is now in progress.  Single items and prices listed below the beauty shots.









Sale Items and prices listed below. When ordering, please include your zip code for shipping calculations. Invoices will be sent via PayPal and are due upon receipt.  No holds on items.   Please email me for availability.  :  welcomehome@maryannroy.com

*Sale days tend to be hectic, but I will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.  Thanks so much for your patience !





Floral Clock – Pink, Mid Century Modern Style .  Hourly numbers implied by the tiny holes, so even though clock hands do not move, you can “change time” just by re-positioning the clock.    $ 30.00 each   (5 available)   SOLD OUT!clock


Accessory Lamps – Have a certain “Chinoiserie” flair to them.  Bases are hand sculpted from clay making each one of these a little different and unique !     $18.00  each   ( 10    1 available)  SOLD OUT !



Credenza – Glamour all around !  Mirrored body with gold trim and accent pieces.  Wooden top and tapered wooden legs also painted gold metallic. Glimmer, glimmer everywhere !  (Mirrored acrylic is challenging to work with, making this piece delicate in nature)     $75.00 each   (5    2 available)   SOLD OUT!




Cocktail Caddy –  Round, double tiered stand painted pink with modern metal work trim and round wooden feet.  A retro chic way to display your cocktails !   (glasses and drinks not included )   $ 45.00  each   ( 5 available)     SOLD OUT !



“Acryluxe” Chairs – My newest design ! –  These glamorous chairs are made from acrylic and sprayed gold metallic. Included are the seat cushions upholstered in a gorgeous blue/green brocade !  Luxury to say least !   These are the last of the first run of chairs.   $75.00 each   ( 5     Only 2 available)  SOLD OUT !



Pillow Sets – 2 per pack : 1 Round Lavender Brocade, 1 Square Blue/Green Brocade.  $25.00 per pack   ( 5   1  pack available)   SOLD OUT!




Chair Cushions – PINK GLITTER ! – Glitzy and glamorous !  These replacement cushions give your “Acryluxe” chairs a whole new look .   Limited to 5 sets only at this time.   This beautiful fabric will make a comeback at Barbie Convention !

Cushion set only-no chair  –   $35.00 per set  (5    1 available)    SOLD OUT!


To order and for availability, please email me at: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Thank you All for having a look !



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“Hollywood Swingin’ “






Added 3-6-15 :          * Silent Auction bidding on “Hollywood Swingin’ ”  ends tonight at 12:00 MIDNIGHT EST .  Please see all information about bidding below.  

Email: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Although inspired by the Silkstone Barbie doll, ANY 12″ fashion diva would desire it !  Before the auction ends, here are some more inspirational photos :







This year marks the 15th Anniversary of the Silkstone Barbie Fashion Model Collection !  In celebration, Welcome Home is pleased to present this One Of A Kind suite inspired by the fabulous works of Robert Best and the Silkstone Collection as well as impressions from the 10th Anniversary book.

This set is being offered via Silent Auction which runs from the time of this post – Wednesday, 3-4-15, until 12:00 MIDNIGHT (EST) on Friday, 3-6-15 .

This fabulous set has so much to offer, that I am going to let photos speak for themselves and list all that is included after the photos below.  You will notice that the set is being shown on my work table for size and scale purposes. Measurements are listed in the description.

Silent Auction instructions are also listed below.  Please feel free to contact Me with any questions or comments.


Thank you !



“Hollywood Swingin’ ”  – Only Barbie could show such impeccable polished taste right down to where she lives!  Imagine if you will, her Hollywood home in the hills…









A true favorite of mine,Fashion Editor Silkstone, models in the space :






The set also features colorized “glass”  and implies an outdoor space. The photos shown here were taken at dusk so you get a better view of the colorful windows. 

set9 copy



“Hollywood Swingin’ “ includes :

Set Structure:  3 FREE STANDING Walls,  – 1 wall with colored “glass” windows and painted (buttermilk) panels with painted wood trim – Finished both sides.

1 Solid painted wall (buttermilk) – Finished both sides.  Both of these walls are approximately 16″h x 24″l.

Half wall planter – Detached half wall with wainscot style paneling painted in buttermilk. Built in planter hosts a variety of greens.

Floor: – Corrugated plastic: translucent – adds texture and interest to floor space. Approximately 20″w x 26″l – Since this structure can be set up anywhere, if a larger floor space is desired, you may opt not to use the corrugated flooring.

Furnishings: – 3 piece sofa sectional upholstered in Lemon Grass Green !  The textured fabric feels rich and has a slight shimmer to it.  Sectional is comprised of 3 separate sofas – wood finishing painted Buttermilk.

Two “Acryluxe” chairs –  Yes, my acrylic chairs are making another appearance. I thought them perfect for this space since they do look glamorous !  Each chair is painted in a copper hue and has the look of real metal copper. Cushions are gold glitter knit.

Two Coffee Tables – Free-form shape and designed by Me.  Each table is stained and sealed in burnt sienna and features tapered legs.

Two Wall Panels – Mid century design is featured in these 3D style panels made from real metal !  Detached panels can be moved from wall to wall to suit your taste!


1 Wall Clock – Floral MCM style  (original design by Me)

3 Wall mirrors – 1 round copper, 2 rectangular gold

A plethora of pillows ! – 12 in all – 4  small square – pale pink silk, 4 large -pale blue silk, 4 round – lavender/gold brocade.

1 Table Lamp – Gorgeous green and gold with a silk lavender shade !

1 Tray – Gold frame with green insert.

2 Cocktail glasses

3  Colorful Bottles (libation)

1 Vogue magazine  – Vintage covers (does not open)

Area Rug – Free form pale blue faux fur

(* Pink back drop wall,  vintage Barbie sunglasses and doll not included)


Although made with Barbie in mind, ANY 12″ fashion doll would look divine and fit comfortably in it !



Thank you to Everyone for their bids and interest!



“Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All contents, photos, designs, furnishings and ideas are that of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.


In Celebration…

This year marks the 15th Anniversary of the Silkstone Barbie – Fashion Model Collection !

In celebration, I will be presenting a One Of A Kind  set.  The suite called  “Hollywood Swingin’ “ will be for sale via – Silent Auction. (Details to follow).  This special OOAK is inspired by the fabulous works of Robert Best and the Silkstone Collection  as well as impressions from the 10th Anniversary book.

As a Barbie Collector, I look forward to  offering this special  presentation to my fellow collectors and fashion doll lovers alike.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks!


3-3 :  The reveal coming tomorrow – 10:00 am EST – Watch for it !



3-1 :  Another PEEK !   I wasn’t going to post until Monday, but I think you all can handle it ! :)




2-28 :  Progress and a new peek at “Hollywood Swingin’ ” !





ad copyad12

“Acryluxe” is here !

* The “Acryluxe” Chairs are now Sold Out ! Thank you to all who purchased !  More coming soon !


After many months of research, design strategies and prototypes, today, I am pleased to present the “Acryluxe” Chair !

all3a copy



This chair was inspired by a vintage Japanese Barbie Ad and born of the idea to bring You exciting and unique items ! jaad copy

Although similar to the chair in the ad, “Acryluxe” is not, nor intended to be, one in the same. The original is quite rare and very few examples exist. And so, this is my interpretation of a present day, modern glamour chair.  I have coined the word “Acryluxe” to describe the make up of this chair.  “Acry” – to reference that the chair is made from acrylic and “luxe” to show its glamorous appeal.

all3b copyall3c copy

Each chair is hand assembled piece by piece by Me, and given a metallic finish in brass, steel or copper. Finishing them in this way gives them an industrial look. (These truly look like metal in person). That look is softened by the addition of glamorous glitter-knit cushions. Each chair comes with its own set , which are removable, making it easy to change the look or mood of a room simply by adding different cushions !

This is the FIRST RUN of my newest endeavor. In essence – prototypes.  If this first line of “Acryluxe” is well received, there will be more !

In anticipation of more in this line, some tweaks and changes may take place with future pieces.  As excited as I am to be able to offer these, I am hoping you will be more excited to own one from its premiere!

Debut price :  $ 75.00 each  (does not include shipping)      SOLD OUT !

Please contact Me for availability :  welcomehome@maryannroy.com

Limited editions of each :

Brass (Gold with gold glitter knit cushions)  –     SOLD OUT !

Steel  (Silver with silver glitter knit cushions) –        SOLD OUT !

Copper ( Copper with pale blue glitter knit cushions) – 7      SOLD OUT !



gold copygold2SILVER/STEEL :

silver2 copysilver3 copysilver5 copy













copper copycopp2 copyThe “Acryluxe”  chair is a low seating chair. It will accommodate most 12″ dolls.  Your doll will look refined and glamorous sitting upon one.  Even dolls with longer legs can be poised and beautiful !


These beauties are ready to go – Be sure to get Yours today !

Please contact Me for availability :  welcomehome@maryannroy.com


Welcome Home  – “Add a little LIFE to your display”

* Welcome Home is a registered/trademark business. All content including designs, photos and text are the property of the Artist, Maryann Roy, and may not be copied or used without written permission.