SHAG! In 3D !

My love of Mid-Century Modern is no secret. And this love extends to all things MCM – Interior Design, Furnishings, Architecture and of course Art.

One of my favorite artists is Josh Agle, aka – SHAG.  His renderings of mid-century modern living are colorful, full of life, and have a wonderful sense of humor that I find absolutely charming.  Each painting or illustration tells a story. Subtle, yet still there.  SHAG leaves it up to you (the viewer) to figure out what message or story he is trying to tell. This is half the fun. 

Because I’m such an admirer of both his art and depictions of mid-century modern, I thought to myself – How great would it be for our dolls to “live” in a SHAG painting?!

And so, I set out to do just that. 

I’ve chosen 3 SHAG prints that I found pleasing to the eye and that depicted an interior scene .  I created these sets as Vignettes, which means the furniture, accessories, walls and floors are included with each one. A complete SHAG painting come to life or, in 3D if you will.

There are only 3 sets total. Each one is a ONE OF KIND artist’s rendering (work of art) of the original print, as I see it.

NO DOLLS ARE INCLUDED – They are just modeling for the scene comparison . This is where you get to have fun and place your dolls in the scene !

I hope you enjoy this “out of the box” venture.

Please email me to purchase:

  “West Coast Jazz” :


“West Cost Jazz” – Purple stylized sofa with green pillow, area rug, floor plant, black cat, cucka bird, jazzy record player with record, album cover, wall art (showing  themed copy of original SHAG print), painted wall with window and painted floor area.

ALL ITEMS, yes, even the cat, bird, and record player are hand-made by Me.

Approximate wall size 16″ x 20″ – floor size 16″ x 20″

Price $280.00  SOLD !

“Rose Seidler House”

“Rose Seidler House”

Largest of the 3 vignettes, this set includes 2 painted walls, painted area floor, fire-place w/”fire” (free-standing and not glued to the wall), tufted sofa, chair, coffee table, cactus plant, picture portrait, wall art (showing themed copy of original SHAG print) and 2 tall green plants.

ALL ITEMS hand-made by Me, including the cactus and portrait.

Approximate wall size 16″ x 20 “- floor 16″ x 20”

Price $325.00  SOLD !

“The Dangling Reward” :

“The Dangling Reward” :

Bedroom scene includes bed with separate head-board and attached side tables, upholstered mattress and bolster pillow (covers do not come off),  two “glitter” lamps, area rug, 2 wall paintings, 1 wall print (showing themed copy of original SHAG print), black cat, purple fish, painted wall and painted floor.

ALL ITEMS hand made by Me, including the wall paintings.

Approximate wall size 16″x20″ – floor size 14 1/2″ x 20″

Price $280.00   SOLD !

These vignettes require large boxes for safe shipping.  Shipping will be calculated according to where you live.

Please inquire about your favorite at:

Find out more about SHAG by going here:


Welcome Home is a registered/trade mark business. All items, ideas and writings are property of Maryann Roy and may not be used or copied without written permission.


23 thoughts on “SHAG! In 3D !

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful designs, Maryann! The cat just kills me, and the domed record player is marvelous! Each is a fabulous interpretation of the painting that inspired it!

  2. amazing amazing job! I’m a HUGE Josh Agle fan. I hadn’t even thought about you doing something like this but it’s right up your style alley!! love them all!

  3. Hi Maryann,
    You continue to blow us away with your talent and a peek at what is going on in that beautiful mind of yours!!! Ron

  4. I should be working but I can’t stop looking at your blog, you are so talented!
    Love it !!!!!! I made a miniature George Nelson Marshmallow sofa and ball clock and I want to make more…you inspire me!!

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