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Hello Everyone !

Sometimes it’s funny where inspiration might come from. I recently acquired a MOD bendleg Tressy doll and set up some of my props to photograph her. The pieces and colors came together so beautifully and this photograph in particular (shown below) made me feel like I wanted to see more of her dwelling. In actuality, there is no more beyond the green chair – it’s just an illusion. An implication that she lives in a much large space.

I love the composition and the textures in this photo. (I’m always all about texture and color!) I then decided that I needed to see what might beyond this snap shot, so, I am expanding her living space! I’ve no particular plan in mind except the need to incorporate the above colors throughout the space. And so, I am letting creativity tell me what to do, rather than laying out a plan.

Things may change a bit from these currant snaps, as some things are my props and will need to be recreated. But, this is a way for me to see what might work or not work in the space as I move along. Testing so to speak. I thought you all might enjoy seeing what’s on my “plate” at the moment.


The option to purchase will be available once the set is complete.

Thanks for having a look “behind the scenes”!



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  1. jocelan says:

    that lamp is adorable.

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